La B.O. de Road Tripes

If before dying, you want, at least once in your life, give everything for the orignal soundtrack of a 3D street performance show !

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La B.O. de Road Tripes

KITSCHNETTE, a street performance company from Marseille , dashes into its fourth creation: Road Tripes.

An explosive and feminine duet ( a Circassian and a Comedian). Mixes of road movie and western spaghetti, this rock and roll show will stage two friends who went off the rails and who gave up their daily round: their family, their job, to live freely in the excess...

What a program: everything that can make you feel good during this period of social and economic crisis: girls, sex and rock and roll!!!




Originally, this new creation Road Tripes was supposed to be articulated around songs of Supremes Dindes (of La Bûche, La Poutine and Femmes Divines albums ).

After meeting with Cécile Jarsaillon (singer-leader of the band Les Supremes Dindes and currently singer-guitarist in the band Vison), she was enthused over the project and made a commitment to compose all of the soundtrack for the show. The original soundtrack of this show will be worked like the music of a movie.  It will serve as electrical wire (main thread) for the show and the 7 songs will be gathered in an ALBUM which will be sold at the end of the representations. 

This way, the public can go back home with the  music, being able to "replay" the show quietly at home.


Here, a video of Cécile's new band, Vison:



Soon on-line:

- The artwork of the Soundtrack of Road Tripes.

- The cover of the album in preview (and the original painting in return for 300 euros)


And another clip of Supremes Dindes


Waar dient de collecte voor

For eight years, we have been playing on the streets of France and all over the world with the will to meet people on the spot, locals but also organizers of festivals. We had so far chosen self production in order to remain free in our creation and our management of the company. 

But today we are asking you to support us - you public- who have been following us faithfully for years. You may have seen us passing the hat around at the end of a show, in Chalon or in Aurillac. This time, we are asking you for a small advance of this hat in order for us to be able to create this musical adventure that we shall share all together Kitschnette, Cécile and you...


Kitschnette decided to dedicate the project of Road Tripes in two different budgets:

- A budget for the musical creation ( for whom we count on you)

- And an other one different for the creation of the show


Here is how will be dividing the collected money:

€2500: Cécile Jarsaillon's salary as a composer and a musician

€1500: recording in studio in Nantes

€1000: production of 1000 Cds

€250: return trips between Nantes and Marseille

€250: graphic design of the album cover and of the poster

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Your name as sponsor on the company's website + a Kitschnette's bagde + a Road Tripes collector's stikers + the CD signed + an individualized and costumised sexy postcard + A WORK OF ART MADE BY THE TWO GIRLS OF THE SHOW
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Your name as sponsor on the company's website + a Kitschnette's bagde + a Road Tripes collector's stikers + the CD signed + an individualized and costumised sexy postcard + THE ORIGINAL PAINTING OF THE ALBUM JACKET made by Cécile Jarsaillon
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