La Fresque du Climat à la conquête du monde!

Let’s give wings to the Climate Fresk to boost Climate Education all around the World

Project visual La Fresque du Climat à la conquête du monde!
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La Fresque du Climat à la conquête du monde!

The Climate Fresk is both an awareness raising workshop and an international volunteer movement. The Climate Fresk, formerly known as “the Climate Collage”, is the international offspring of the French association "La Fresque du Climat" and has one mission: Raise awareness about the climate crisis by making climate science accessible to everyone. Understanding the crisis is key to becoming an engaged and informed citizen. Our workshop makes this possible in a fun way! It allows participants to fully grasp the causes and effects of climate change and fosters team spirit and collective intelligence. Feeling inspired and empowered, many participants become facilitators themselves and that’s how a worldwide community emerged. 👉 In the last 2,5 years, we run workshops for almost 200,000 people and trained 5,000 facilitators. The game is translated into 25 languages and we are present in more than 40 countries. But time’s running out. We need to scale up even faster and for that we need you! Your contribution to this crowdfunding campaign will help our community to have a positive impact on an international level!

Allocation of funds

We solemnly swear to be up to only good! Every cent will be used wisely: to boost climate education around the world! 👉 Our journey starts in Glasgow - at the Conference of Parties (COP26) in November. It is a pivotal moment in our battle against climate change and we will make sure that climate education is at the top of the political agenda! Our action plan for COP26 includes several dimensions: Universities, the youth, international decision-makers, local movements and, of course, citizens. This will allow us to trigger a rethinking on individual, collective, local and global levels. 👉 We will not stop there. The Climate Fresk is ready to travel the world! What we managed to do in France in 4 years, we can do in other countries in 2 years. Are you in? We believe that Climate Education is a strong impetus for the transition we need. Your contribution will help us to spread climate awareness everywhere! Thank you very much! The Climate Fresk Community


Thank you!


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online Fresk Workshop for a friend of yours


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Estimated delivery: July 2021

A big thank you!


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2 invitations for a Climate Fresk workshop


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Estimated delivery: July 2021

3 games of the new version of cards


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Estimated delivery: September 2021

2 invitations for a Climate Fresk workshop and game of cards


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Estimated delivery: July 2021

The new IPCC report in advance (paper version)


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The Climate Fresk T-shirt


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Estimated delivery: August 2021

3 waterproof games of cards


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Estimated delivery: September 2021

10 jeux de cartes nouvelle version en avant-première


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Recevez la nouvelle version du jeu de cartes de la Fresque en 10 exemplaires en avant première ! À l'occasion de la sortie du prochain rapport du GIEC, profite du jeu mis à jour avec des données récentes et de nouveaux visuels !

Estimated delivery: September 2021

One workshop for you and your friends


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Training session to become a facilitator for you and your friends


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