The first home of Hellenic food

''Back to our roots''

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The first home of Hellenic food

''The first Home of Hellenic Food''

Our Environmental Intercultural organization "Ellinika Monopatia" -Hellenic paths-,, was created 1,5 years ago, has 21 founding members and our purpose is to highlight the cultural inheritance, the folklore, the gastronomy as well as the protection of the environment, and is seated in a green historical village of the Municipality Argos-Mycenae.

Our environmental intercultural organization "Ellinika Monopatia" aspires to give life again to this beautiful village. By opening paths, reopening the closed folklore museum, the emphasis of local products from the village and especially of the cheeses and the traditional cheese production in the caves of the area. The highlight of ancient Mycenaean gastronomy with ceramic pots and ancient recipes, revival of customs and general highlighting of the cultural inheritance of the village and the Argolic land in general as well.

Our ambitious plans includes the reopening of the watermills of the village. All this can only be realized with the contribution and the cooperation of the residents, clubs, volunteers of the municipality, future members of our organization, whose only goal is to give life again to the villages where we all grew up and that we still remember with a lot of nostalgia.


We made a start by making the first home for Hellenic food at the central square of the village. It has a permit for a restaurant but also for a workshop with traditional products. The description of the workshop and its opportunities is as follows:

The purpose of the workshop is the connection of old traditional recipes with contemporary methods and also with safety and hygiene standards for food.
In the village mentioned, there exists the equipment for the reproduction of traditional recipes, with the purpose to transfer them to the public that is interested. Or even the ability to produce small amounts of those products for retail sale. The range of produced products varies, among others: "sweet spoon", marmalades from different fruits, even without adding sugar, traditional pies, traditional pastas, pastas for special consumption usage like high in proteins, but also traditional preparations like "pasteli", or even the production of yoghurt.

The main purpose, as we mentioned, is to highlight traditional recipes and by extension of food products, without excluding their development.

Also critical is the guarantee and transfer that even the most traditional food products must be prepared according to the standards for health and safety like those defined by the ISO 22000-HACCP.

For all the above mentioned we have invested in the necessary equipment and study by a food engineer and founding member of our organization, and the total costs of our investment rises up to 40.000€.
For the completion of our work and other remaining equipment we need 20.000€ more.

From you we kindly ask your contribution of the amount of 2.000 euros which is the remaining amount of the total cost of the wooden stove , which is 5.000 euros.


**Take a look of our wooden stove

As a conclusion, 

First-hand production, culture, interactive tourism are the "triptych" in which we work in order to strengthen the local economy each time.

The touristic product, the culture, the history of the area will be reflected in the plates and tasting suggestions... in the real roots of the dishes.

This way the total purpose of our efforts will not only be the acquaintance with the dish, but also the myths of the area, the local products.

That was as it is described, the total touristic product-project of the region.

>>See here our flyer with all our activities-plans & our video as well<<


Waar dient de collecte voor

We just explained you all our needs of this interesting project-investment in our region.

From you we kindly ask your contribution of the amount of 2.000 euros which is the remaining amount of the total cost of our new wooden stove , which is 5.000 euros.

In that wooden stove we can cook during the cold winter in 500 degrees of Celsius!


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