La Roumanie vue d'une boite

Help me go back to basics, find the light, find the magic of the photo lab ... through this alternative photographic project.

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La Roumanie vue d'une boite

Romania seen from a box

Go back to the basics, wait for the sun, seek the light, find the magic of the photo lab, re-learn to wait ... The project "Romania seen from a box" is a bit all that at once.


The objective is to gradually create, over time, a series of images of cities, villages, Romanian roads. Romanian landscapes captured by a box to keep track, invent a look. Specifically I decided to walk the roads of Romania a suitcase in hand, a suitcase full of my devices at once (a box = an image). Then you have to improvise a photo lab to develop the image, reload the boxes and hop ... On the road again.





I propose to immortalize with my boxes five major cities of Romania (Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Brasov and Iasi). The idea is to make in each city with the support of the inhabitants an exhibition of captured images. If you come across a man standing motionless, a box at his feet or on the edge of a window, do not hesitate to meet him. Come share some of my madness! Come capture with me the visible and even more just to return a few moments to the roots of photography.



What is a pinhole?

A pinhole is a hole of very small diameter to obtain a camera derived from the camera obscura. This technique makes it possible to turn a box into a camera. The image, negative, can be captured on a photosensitive medium (photo paper or film). Due to the small size of the orifice allowing the light to penetrate inside the apparatus, the exposure time is very long and the depth of field very large. Personally, I mostly use boxes of biscuits or chocolate.


I planned the shooting sessions in spring and summer 2018 and the exhibitions in autumn and winter of that year.

Who I am?

After studying geography at the University of Caen and a specialization in the socio-cultural field I worked as a socio-cultural mediator in Sourdeval in Normandy. I have often used image education as a support for my work, including hosting a photo workshop for young people and adults, and sharing my passion for alternative photographic techniques. Since September 2007 I settled in a small village in Romania, at the foot of the Carpathian mountains where I created "La cabane aux images", exhibition space, place of discovery and sharing around photography.


Selfie with pinhole

Waar dient de collecte voor

I estimate the overall project budget at 3000 euros. Your donations will provide a financial base for the project and allow me to hit the road.

Estimated budget

Travel: 300 euros

Accommodation: 600 euros

Photo paper and development products: 200 euros

Draws on Dibond for exhibitions: 1600 euros

Miscellaneous expenses (communication, openings, contributions): 300 euros

Total: 3000 euros

The collection that I will collect personally will allow me to finance the photographic project phase and if the financial objective is exceeded to finance the exhibition costs.

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