Le café Bourbon pointu Morère du Vietnam, un café d'exception

Take part in the adventure of exceptional coffee, produced by ethnic groups, distributed in short circuit : an original and humanist project !

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Le café Bourbon pointu Morère du Vietnam, un café d'exception




I am Pierre Morère. After ten years of activity in real estate in France, come to complete a project in Vietnam, land of my birth and my family history, made sense to me. I sold my business in Paris and I moved myself to Dalat, the Highlands of Vietnam with my family and a new life project.

I went back the ethnic community of the village of Dasar who worked with my grandparents, ranchers and farmers time of Indochina. They welcomed me into their village. It is there that this great story of Bourbon pointu coffee of Vietnam began.


It is this Chil Mnong community who asked me to preserve and promote this shaped Bourbon Coffee. She had kept in memory of my grandfather, during the chaos of war and the difficult years that followed.




Seven years ago, thanks to her, I found this rare coffee and with her help, I put it back into production; I became "the guardian of coffee and wood," the smuggler known that these men and women of the forest have sent me.


Today, I encourage you to continue this history that unites more than a century the people of the forest, mountain, noble commodity and France.


I appeal to you to help us to develop and promote this exceptional coffee and thus enable these ethnic village communities to keep their autonomy and independence.






The sharpe Bourbon Coffee, is a rare Coffee introduced in Vietnam by Dr Alexandre Yersin in 1895.The famous bacteriologist discovered the plague bacillus, found the trace of this exceptional coffee that had made the fortune of 'Reunion Island until the late 19th century.

After acclimatizing some plants, Dr. Yersin entrusted them to my grandfather, his friend. Aided by ethnic groups mentioned above, it was the first to put it in coffee production on land Highlands, the most suitable for its operation.


The Bourbon coffee grows in the undergrowth, its cultivation is done in accordance with the altitude forests and traditional human skill. It is hand-picked to extract only the red cherries as and when they mature, pledge of quality coffee. Once dried in the sun, it is traditionally refined by winnowing, hulling the mortar and pestle ....


A rare coffee with exceptional flavors:


The Morère Sharpe Bourbon Coffee is delicately fruity, tangy and sweet taste. Starred chefs of France and Japan have adopted it for this balance to the sweet scented depth of citrus flavors.

This coffee deserves, its production is still confidential and culture in altitude is demanding.


Café Bourbon Spiked Morère is now present in Japan, alongside its Reunion counterpart, Premium Premium, classified by the Japanese in 2007, and considered the best arabica in the world.







This story takes place at 1500 metres above sea level on the Highlands, near Dalat, 350 kilometres north of Ho Chi Minh City. Since the end of the 19th century, Dalat region has been popular for its freshness and the beauty of the landscapes.  

Dasar is an ethnic village Mnong Cil, with around 5000 inhabitants located twenty kilometers north of Dalat, at the foot of Lang Biang Mountain, listed heritage of the biosphere by UNESCO and the National Park Bidoup Nuiba.

The Mnong Cil community has retained its traditions, subsistence crops (corn, livestock nearby) and essentially lives of coffee growing.

The future of this ethnic community is threatened by the fragility of its economic system. Development of extensive cultivation in vast greenhouses also destroys the mountain forests






We started this project in 2009, creating a company that focuses on the exploitation of coffee and coffee flowers honey. The specificity of this activity is to be directly involved with ethnic groups. I chose to live with them, like them, to share their daily lives, their trials, market constraints and find solutions by being involved from the inside.


Each year, we produce only two tons of this exceptional coffee. We plan to increase harvest quantity through the cultivation of new crops and develop it ourselves bringing it to the highest level of quality and taste.


- Help us to free ourselves intermediaries, traders, marketing our coffee ourselves directly to consumers, including through the opening of an internet sales site.

- Help us develop the cultivation of new land, a high-value crop, environmentally and ethnic cultural traditions.

- Help us find ways to roast our own coffee in our village, an essential processing step to keep control of its quality, reduce costs and more involve villagers associated with this production.

By mastering and all processing chain, we can offer you a unique culinary journey and you will know that coffee you taste is developed with great care with respect for people and the Earth






By promoting and developing this high-value culture in its forest environment  we protect the cultural exception of ethnic groups that have preserved and brought down to us.


Today these ethnic groups fed the cult of the forest and living in rhythm survived with difficulty. Through this project, they will increase their chances to maintain their independence:


They can get out of debt contracted with intermediate coffee.


They can withstand the pressure on land that extensive greenhouse crops have on the village; these market garden and flower crops out soil back valleys to mountain forests, gradually deforested and terraced. This agro-industrial landscape reshaped and causes soil erosion, loss of biodiversity.








PIERRE GAGNAIRE / chef 3 stars


"Pierre Morère, I've known for 20 years, is a stubborn boy, honest and serious; in recent years prove it, he has a deep love for Vietnam.

I hope with all my heart that it will have the recognition and success it deserves in the projects it undertakes. His initiative will allow him to develop agricultural land and create a multitude of jobs."




Jacques Pourcel / chef 3 stars

"I had an amazing experience here in the mountains, in the company of Peter. Coffee, honey, its welcome. I will return for sure. Friendly. "




YUZO / Japanese roaster master



Waar dient de collecte voor

The collection will be used to publicize this rare coffee and develop direct sales of our products, financing:


- The acts of communication about our products (conferences, tastings, competitions, corporate events, trade fairs, direct welcome to coffee and organized tours / discovery in the forest) ...........2 000 €

- The purchase of a small roaster "nomadic" with a capacity of 2 kg for promotion on site tasting and sales ... .........................................................................................................................................................................2 000 €

- Packaging and setting up of logistics (personnel, shipping ...) related to the sale directly to the posting of a sales website ....................................................... .................................................................................................3 000 €




And if we go beyond:


- we can cultivated new plots and increase our production.

- we schedule the purchase of a "sedentary" roaster for the production on site in the village.

The roaster will be available to all the farmers of the village: the roastery will become a place of exchange and sharing, it will federate the community around this production and give it the means to develop it.


By roasting the village will significantly reduce travel costs and processing now outsourced.


And above all, we will be able to control the quality of our coffee, from the forest to the cup to retain its freshness and very fragile flavors by roasting as and when ordered respecting the nature of the product. 

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