Le Fairy, la péniche au spectacle de feu et de flammes à travers l’Europe.

The Fairy: a barge with a fire and flame show, across the whole of Europe.

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Le Fairy, la péniche au spectacle de feu et de flammes à travers l’Europe.

The Fairy is an artistic project that we have been developing for over 2 years now. It was born out of the will to fuse the worlds of fire shows and river navigation. The first of which is our passion and the second being our way of life. The Fairy is a barge. She will be transformed and dressed with fantasy elements in order to present a living show of pyrotechnics. As of August 2015, she will be sailing the canals throughout Europe and she will present her show in multiple types of events.






Amazement, gatherings and warmth are the elements that drive us for the last 15 years. Fire has all of those properties also. It may attract us, scare us, fascinate us; its strength and magical aura overwhelms us with emotion.


Our real objective is meeting the audience. This implies that our show will be interactive and dynamic.


The world premiere of the Fairy will be held in Belgium in the MONS 2015 event on August 27th at the “grand large de Mons”. This will be part of the first edition of the 1000 fire Armada.

(The festival is detailed further down)


The Fairy is a floating show, combining the elements of water and fire. Dynamic flame effects will wrap around the site and the audience in a fantasy atmosphere. The fairy will also have a mounted structure that will deploy into a fascinating creature.


Since we started, the project has grown and has taken on a much bigger scope. Conversations with friends and professionals have only increased the nature of this project. Our ideas and dreams seem to multiply and take a life of their own.

We have the required competence and motivation to reach our goal and build this incredible show but the set conception and building has now taken on a new dimension and requires, today, more financial input than foreseen.


We are trying to gather part of this financing through this campaign to finish this ambitious project as well as work on it full time. It will also indicate to us the fact that our project speaks to you and that the public will be there to the show.







The 1000 fire armada


Showflamme will associate itself to the “1.000 fire armada”; an initiative created by the “Transport Culturel Fluvial”*, as part of the Mons 2015 celebrations. This show is the first of a kind: a transeuropean festival gathering a dozen themed barges. This initiative promotes European inland navigation as a means of transportation as well as a cultural tool. This year, the 3 main barges will be the Fairy, the Axoloti (a submarine-barge) and the Hydroplane (the little Marthe Auvelin air and water museum).


*(TCF is an association of travelling cultural barges that organise big events. They are based in Lille)


They will gather during 4 days and invite the public to participate in various cultural and artistic activities: shows, concerts, evenings, visits, events, wine&dine, Q&As, conferences and debates,...



The first edition of this festival will take place at the Grand Large (Mons) from the 27th to the 30th of August 2015. The Fairy will be the main opening event of an armada of explorers arriving on the shores of a new land. The boat will reach out to the public and take it on journey into its wonderful world. During the other festival days, the barge will bring the river banks to life.


Imagined and conceptualised by Showflamme, the Fairy is built to be adaptable. Its set design, show and shape can be altered to suit as many events as possible.




Technical Means


The set building on the barge requires technical skills and a lot building material. A crane, bolted into the hold will deploy a giant creature to a height of 15m. This represents a real transformation of the hull. A complex mechanism will be built to bring the creature to life. Sails will add to the dramatic effect and exotic feel. Finally, 40 odd flame projectors will be built onto the barge to bring to it to life.












Showflamme presentation


Pierre D’haenens, is a fireworks and pyrotechnics researcher.

I started out as a cabinetmaker and define myself as a passionate person. I am passionate about research and creativity.


I work as a pyrotechnist since 1998 and research flame sfx as a whole in any form. I became a professional in 2001 and started Showflamme. I also created a flame management system for pyrotechnists to be used for fireworks displays. My experiences led me to co-produce “ATHANOR”, the first Belgian “street” show with fireworks and flames.


My associates today are:


Vincent Paesmans, artist and civil engineer. He manages the software coding. Together, we developed the first interactive flame installation with real-time motion and sound capture.


Sophie Miny, line producer, brings her experiences on board, taking care of production and logistics.





The Showflamme company is a pioneer in flame displays using gas in an event and sfx sphere. This is a niche market and we have worked on many creative events. Our previous collaborations enabled us to develop a unique artistic hand print. Our activity is monitored by security agency AIB Vinçotte.


We have:


* 16 years experience in events

* 25 years experience in inland navigation

* First prize for digital arts (Numédiart - Mons)

* Over a 120 shows in Europe and the middle East.


Get a sample of our work here on facebook and on the website!


If you can’t wait to see the Fairy, we will be in Frameries on May the 14th and at the Saint-Jean fires in Mons on June 27th.




If you have any question or suggestion about or project, please write a comment or a private message.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The objective of this campaign is to finance the set dressing of the barge, the structural elements, the sails, the paints,...


We will use Kisskiss Bankbank as our principal tool to finance labour and equipment costs.

Friends & family are helping us, several people have offered their help for free. As a mark of respect but also for ethical and legal reasons, we would like to pay them.

If we do better than our objective, it would help us work in better conditions and better the show even more.






Global Budget


Building the Fairy represents a budget of 90.000 €.


These are our main spending areas:

Conception, design, stability study: 7.500€

Purchase of the crane: 7.500€

Purchase of a bow thruster: 7.000€

Purchase of a generator for the crane: 6.500€

Barge - mechanical modifications (equipment and labour): 8.000€

Set dressing (equipment and labour): 31.000€

Projectors and fire ramps (equipment and labour): 15.000€

Production and promotion: 5.000€




Finance sources


The Mons 2015 foundation's input is 45.000€

Showflamme puts its activity into funding for the amount of 15.000€


We need 30.000€ to bridge the gap and finalise this project.

We answered several calls for proposals and sent our project to various artistic scholarships. We also sent requests for subsides and financing to several interested parties. We hope to obtain between 15.000€ and 20.000€ using these various possibilities.

We would like to invite you to this wonderful adventure, to see its birth with us, to benefit from the rewards and the show to come by bridging the final financial gap.




The KissKiss BankBank campaign


Helping the Fairy is actively participating in the Mons 2015 show but also insuring its long term sustainability. Many events are potentially ideal for the Fairy and its show; and this, for years to come.




Many thanks to Lola D’haenens, Mark Irons, Vincent Paesmans, Jean Philippe Papart, Vincent Dujardin, Patrick Van Hautem, Anthony Huerta, Nadine Sturbelle, Michel Gouilliard, Michael Lefeber, Fred Degand, Isabelle Annet, Manon D'haenens et Thibaut Chuffart for their support in this project.

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