Le gant connecté qui libère la musique ! (1st wireless musical glove controller)

Be part of Specktr! Create, mix and control your music with a simple hand gesture!

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Le gant connecté qui libère la musique ! (1st wireless musical glove controller)

Support Specktr and be one of the first to discover a new way to create, mix and control your music. It’s more intuitive and fun ! We count on you to help us to produce this new music instrument !









is intended for beginners and music lovers.


A complete DJ system in your pocket


Specktr Play allows you to easily connect to dozens of applications and music software to learn, play and mix your music in a simple intuitive way.

Specktr Play will be delivered with an app that allows you to pick up within many presets the best option for you. You will just need to choose the right preset to upload the new control paramaters in the glove.

Specktr is directly compatible with many softwares and applications for DJs. We collaborated with the most downloaded DJ app, Edjing 6. So Specktr is 100% adapted with the app Edjing 6.


With only Specktr and your smartphone in your pocket, you’re ready to be on fire during the party! Very intuitive and based on movement from the hand, it’s easy to control immediatly.

Be the star of the party and impress your friends !




Play and compose


Connect Specktr, plug your headphone or your speaker and enjoy !

Easy to pick up, Specktr can be natively connected to your computer, smartphones or tablet (Check out FAQ for compatibility).

If you’re already a musician and already using music software, Specktr will be easily integrated within your environment with the right presets to control your software. 






To learn and share music


Your kids will be able to discover and learn music by using softwares such as Real Piano or Drumslive for instance. And for you, you’ll fell more innovative and creative.


You can also, thanks to Specktr, connect couples of gloves on one devices and share music. As a band, you can share the control of the drums, bass, piano for instance.



Specktr pro is for professional artists and musicians.


It’s the ultimate MIDI controller ! We’ve added from Specktr Play the opportunity to build a bespoke glove (parameter for each movement…) to fill your creative needs. For live performance, studio, and create music while travelling, Secktr is the perfect tool.  Compact and multi function, it’s the perfect gear to bring everywhere with you.


Specktr is perfect for live perfomances


Specktr Pro was initially thought to allow electro musicians and DJs to have an amazing visual interaction with the audience. With many prototypes tested by artists at each production step, we created the perfect tool to reach total freedom and control of your movements.


The glove is very innovative and have very thin sensors within the glove that allows professional to keep using their material or using their sensor tactile screen or trackpad for a smooth transition.


You can execute pre defined or bespoke gestures to create your own way to control music.

You will impress your audience by creating a real show by moving on stage or playing with light and video.




Bring it everywhere


Specktr is the perfect tool for your compact mobile studio – Highly autonomous, you’ll be able to mix and record your music anywhere around the world.

At the top of your fingers you have controller MIDI (connected to a computer or tablet) that allows you to have more than 1500 controls.  (Check details on www.specktr.com).





Specktr controls the sound, light and video


Speckts, using MIDI protocol, is compatible with hundred of softwares and application within many fields. During a live show, you can use Specktr to control lightings (MIDI to DMX) or video but many other solutions such as Arduino for instance.

There are so many things to do with Specktr and we’re looking forward to see how you’re using it.



Our connected glove is natively compatible with dozen of apps and music softwares in order to learn, play or mix music in a very intuitive and simple way. Ableton, Traktor, Cubase, Serato, FL Studio, Reason, Logic or GarageBand (OSX) are compatible with Specktr. 





Specktr is connected by Bluetooth and use the MIDI protocol. MIDI is a communication protocol between all softwares and music apps who allows to communicate notes controls and modulation datas. With Specktr, each position of the hand can be assign to one or many gestures recognized by the glove and each gesture can be assign to a different switch. 







Specktr answer of 3 issues that Musicians facing nowadays : 


1.Lack of adaptation:


Controllers are, most of them, using the same kind of actuators (Potentiometers, switches, ...). The ergonomic placement of these sensors is adapted to control a DAW software type.

The musician who owns and uses multiple parallel software is then obliged to own and control multiple controllers, which represents a significant cost as well as a large footprint and therefore a loss of ergonomics.


2. The need to better express themselves :


The number of actuators being physically limited by the size of the controller, it is often impossible to control all the parameters of the associated software. Musicians are therefore obliged to compromise on the number of parameters to control simultaneously, which is a limitation for expression.


3. Lack of visual interaction with audience :


Musicians on stage, during a live show, are always looking for visual interaction with the audience. Because of the current material, hand gesture / body language are limited. Artists want stronger connection with the audience playing with the lights, videos, etc… But the current tools don’t allow them to create as much as they want.

Spektr is the solution to overcome those challenges and offer musicians an amazing freedom. The show must go on!



Specktr answer at all this problematics and we hope you will support our vision during this campaign ! You can find all our news on our website or on our Facebook Page





We have planned different counterparts for our bakers and first fans!






- The Weliot company has been founded by Thomas Chrysochoos, training in electronic engineering and signal processing. He is the inventor of Specktr.

- He is accompanied by Julien DELAFOY for communication and community management.

And a technical team of complementary profiles:

-  Balkis Embarek responsible textile design,

-  Jeremy Karouby radio engineer in charge of developing the wireless transmission portion of the project,

- Elie Faes developer of Specktr application.







▪ We work with the IES lab of Montpellier and The Technological platform ObiLab.

▪ We are supported and accompanied by the BIC of Montpellier.

▪ We also participate in the start-up accelerator Sprint in Montpellier.

▪ Also Supported by Transfert LR and Sud de France.



Waar dient de collecte voor

We end now the industrial version of Specktr, we planned to deliver in March 2017.

The industrialization study is almost complete and we have the opportunity to work with companies from France. We'll make our instrument entirely in France.


The three major items of expenditure are related to textiles, the housing and electronics.

The textile glove is manufactured in collaboration with industry in our region and northern France for the manufacture of stainless steel wire, we created and for embroidery and assembly of the glove.

To achieve we need a minimum of commands to put into production.


The electronic box will be injected in transparent black polycarbonate for a professional and discreet look (now printed in 3D acrylic on photos of prototypes).

So we need to finance the production of a mold and injection cases.


Finally, the PCB will be assembled in a company specializing in France, and to offer you the best price Specktr we also need a minimum of controls.


The objective of € 30,000 we will fund much of the production start and bring what we need to produce the glove and the packaging so that you can receive a finished product at home from the month of March!




Your glove will be delivered to you in March 2017 and it is to help us realize that we ask for your support.





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Thank you for your support! We will thank you on our homepage specktr.com and our facebook page.
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A Specktr-Tshirt as thank you!
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a protective cover for your tablet or laptop with the logo of Specktr.
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Get a paire of Specktr Pro for the creation of your whole, personalized environment of control.
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For artist who needs to adapt Specktr Pro to their visual universe, we offer personalized Specktr Pro. You can choose the colour of the material and modify the embroidery to match your visual identity.
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Get your Specktr Play glove ready to connect for a SUPER EARLY BIRD price.
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