Le Journal International – support another way to cover the international events

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Le Journal International – support another way to cover the international events

For ten years, Le Journal International has given itself the mission to break with this information continuously, often suffocating. In order to provide the most reliable information, we rely on a large number of correspondents around the world. To date, our editorial staff numbers 70 people in France and some 30 other countries. These field editors have varied profiles, they are young and volunteers. They conduct their investigations and write about their free time, passion, desire to inform and transmit. To support us is to support them.

Complementary and non-competitive media

We reject any paraphrase of newspapers or mainstream media. We prefer to bring information that is overlooked or overflowed by traditional media. The articles on the Journal International website provide our readers with information that is often unpublished.

We do not want to compete with other media, but to be complementary. Where traditional media are content with factual treatment, our broad network of journalists in the field allows us to collect emotions, feelings, feelings. We strive to translate the proximity existing between our journalists and their sources directly to the reader in order to plunge him, alongside our teams, into the world as it is.

This journal is entirely designed by students. First attached to the University of Lyon, he then took his independence while keeping the mode of operation of any media student and / or high school student, with the difference that it now exceeds the scale of the simple educational establishment. Without real financial means, we do everything to provide our readers with the best of international news and the keys to understanding the major issues of today and tomorrow.


Recognized by peers!

The success of the media is based on its strong network of contributors. Since its creation in 2008, the  Journal International has been hailed by Le Progrès (famous Lyonnais daily newspaper) as a "quality newspaper", has received the second prize of the national competition "Culture-actions" in 2010, the Grand Prix Trophies of the Student at the Lyon student fair in 2011, the special "Consumer" prize at the Kaléido'scoop competition in 2014, then three other trophies of the same competition in 2017 and 2019. In parallel, ten magazines were published in version paper (with 3000 copies sold for the ninth issue).

But today, we need YOU, readers, to develop our media and support the media landscape of the independent press !

Waar dient de collecte voor

Because we operate on the basis of volunteering and we defend an independent business model (no editorial or ads on the site), we call on Internet users who wish, to support us.

Currently, there are only two civic services in the media structure (web editor and head of translation). This is the minimum to ensure the survival of our website and our concept.

Your donations will allow us first and foremost to recruit a new civic service, for a period of 9 months, at the communication center. Supporting us is supporting all of our volunteer contributors. Their publications deserve more visibility. Their efforts deserve more recognition. A civic service in communication will help us to develop our media in this direction, so that our associative structure can value and reward as much as possible the involvement of our field editors!

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