Le Reflet de nos émotions

There is no need for special effects when one wants to depict this inner vision shared by us all.

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Le Reflet de nos émotions

In the darkest corner of their caves, our ancestors once painted the powerful animals that filled their dreams and the hypnotic trances induced by shamans. People have had a special bond with pictures since the beginning of time, and the role of images has evolved over centuries and in different civilizations. They have nevertheless retained a symbolic dimension, as can be seen from the Lascaux caves to religious edifices and paintings by old masters. Artistic trends derived from, preceded or followed by literary movements, changed at a rapid pace until the invention of photography, which redefined our vision of the world. Considered at first a “minor art” due to its mechanical approach and carbon-copy reality, in less than a century it nevertheless conquered the world. Yet, popularity has its downside: photographs are so common today that artists face a real challenge when they decide to express themselves through that medium. The Pools of Emotions series is inspired by fountains and autumn leaves. As the leaves swirl, drift and sink, for a fraction of a second they provide a glimpse of the inner landscape of our subconscious minds. These works don’t depict the real world viewed by an “eye that can see”, but reflect the hidden recesses in which our emotions are processed. In a world of digital supremacy, these unaltered photographs are blatant proof that there is no need for special effects when one wants to depict this inner vision shared by us all.


Here are a few pictures. Please refer to http://mpteuler.com/exhibition/  for the full “Pools of Emotions”series.











Waar dient de collecte voor

It’s the first time that I work on an abstract project, and I hope that you’ll like the photos I’ve selected for this exhibition.

My aim is to display this series in Barcelona, at the Capella or the Casa Elizade, depending on their availability.

Organizing this type of event has a cost, and I’ll need your support to make ends meet. The overall budget includes printing the 21 photographs in A3+ format, matts, frames, invitations cards, advertising, installation and opening night miscellaneous expenses. Even if you don’t financially contribute to the project, I hope I can count on your moral support!  You're all welcome to come and see the Pools of Emotions for yourself.

For those of you who will help finance the project, I’ll give in return: a wallpaper or a signed print of the photo of your choice from the Pools of Emotions series (or from one of the series of my website http://mpteuler.com except the ones in the Travel Portfolio section). For contributions above 200 euros, I’ll also offer portrait sessions or photo workshops (beginners or advanced levels) which will be held in Paris or in Barcelona.



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