Le rêve d’André

From the youth Novel to the big screen... Be part of a dream for the benefit of children in need.

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Le rêve d’André

Where does "André's dream" come from?



I have been writing for the past 20 years and fortunate to wake up every day healthy enough to work towards my dreams. I have also been lucky enough to fulfill and share some of them with the people around me throughout the last years. After I fulfilled the last one, a round the world trip, I decided I would focus on not only achieving and sharing my dreams, but on making them purposeful.

The reasons for this?

I grew up with a brother whose handicap put the simple notion of dreaming out of reach. While I was traveling the world I lost someone very close to me, he was my age, and I was informed shortly after that two toddlers in my circle or relatives were affected by rare genetic diseases. This had a major impact on the way I was looking at my life and conceiving my future. Thus, I decided I would not go back to the corporate world, instead, I would focus on making my life and greatest dream purposeful.

So what did I do?

I refused the job offers I got and took on a job as a waiter so I could rewrite and correct the children´s novel “André’s Dream” that I wrote over ten years ago. I went on to read it in a children’s  hospital and that gave me the drive to do more… I wanted André’s story to inspire the kids, but also to contribute to make their everyday life better.


How will it work?

50% of all gross generated by the online and on demand sales of André’s dream, all future languages translation, will be directly donated to the “André’s dream association”. 


Why telling you all this?

Because our dreams do not only come at a cost, they first and foremost have the story we write and that we share with the ones around us. 

Imagine that you hold your child's, your grandchild's, your niece's or nephew's hand, sitting next to you, marveling at André's story on a movie screen. Imagine that you have made that moment possible because you have followed your heart and believed in your dream. There, now you are in my dream... 


What is "André's dream"?

"André’s Dream" is an illustrated novel (180 pages/14 chapters) destined to children from the age of 8 or that can be read to a younger public. 

André is a tortoise who loves adventure. Since he has been dropped off by a stork, he always wondered why he is the only tortoise of the lake. On day, he decides to travel down the river to elucidate that dream that has been tormenting him forever. With his best friends, Lydie, an hyperactive dragonfly, and Willfried, a fearful salmon, he goes off in the search of other tortoises. 

“André’s dream” is the story of three friends who defy the unknown and discover that their differences are not only a blessing, but that they will help them overcome obstacles together, that they would’ve never been able to face on their own. It is the story of a journey sprinkled with challenges thanks to which they will discover themselves and become, without even noticing it, who they always wanted to be.

This story is an ode to pursuing ones dreams, for the young and the young hearted. She is a wink to these moments we hesitate to grab in life. Moments that become the stories we tell emotionally because they made us the better version of ourselves. It reminds us that our aspirations offer us the chance to reinvent our life, every day…

Waar dient de collecte voor

How to make it come true?


Step by step and with you…

The goal is to make “André’s dream” useful and accessible so people can make the story their own, get inspired to pursue their dreams and inspire others to do the same. All this without having to wait for “André’s dream” to be judged a reasonable return on investment. If you like the presentation and the philosophy behind André’s story, then let’s make the dream come true…


First step: 5 900 €

This first step will allow André’s dream professional illustration and the professional correction of the final manuscript. For the children’s novel to match the market’s highest standards, a corrector, member of the writer’s consulting group (member du groupement des Écrivains-Conseils®) will correct and adapt the manuscript. In  parallel to the correction, the illustrator Jérémie Kaiser will produce and adapt the illustrations, giving thus life and colours to the story. Once these are incorporated, the novel will be made available to its future readers on selling platforms in digital book format and in paperback format via a print on demand platform.

 (Commission: 8% KissKissBankBank fees)

The overall objective is to find a publisher in France and abroad whose expertise and network will assure “André’s dream’s” commercial success (placements in libraries, future translations).


Future Steps

A second step would be to “André’s dream‘stranslated into English to make the children’s novel available in the English speaking countries, but also, to approach the publishing houses and production studios who are likely to turn the novel, “André’s dream” into an animated movie.

In order to get there we need to get a final version, so spread the word and let's make it happen.

                                                                        Keeping you informed:


KissKissBankBank Newsletter: Follow each step of “André’s dream” adventures via the NewsletterInstagram and Facebook: Follow, support and share “Andre’s dream” on my Instagram and Facebook accounts @rpartiste.


The deadlines: 


11/02/19 to 28/ 03/19 : KissKissBankBank campaign

*03/04/19 to 03/06/19 : Book correction + production of the illustrations

04/06/19 to 19/07/19 : Review/ Layout/ Formating to novel format

**24/07/19 to 04/08/19 : Ebook (Mobi/Epub) /paperback (on demand)

***09/08/19 to 20/08/19 : Rewards send out

*5 days of margin are included in the planning for administrative steps. These might not be necessary,

however, I prefer to communicate them for you to have realistic deadlines.


50% of all gross generated by the online and on demand sales of André’s dream, all future languages’ translation included, will be directly donated to the André’s dream association. (Identification R.N.A. : W313031985) The association’s mission is to create and finance initiatives supporting children in need and their parents.


The Team:                                                         


Born in Aix-en-Provence 36 years ago, I lived most of my life abroad. Following,  International Management studies, I worked in France, in Germany and in the Middle East where I handled marketing activities for major brands. I discovered my vocation for writing in high school, thanks to poetry. I then turned to writing songs and finally my passion for storytelling led me to write novels in my spare time. In 2015, I decided to change my life and I leave on a round the world trip in order to explore and redefine my aspirations. Back in the Provence, after 25 years of absence, I choose to fully dedicate myself to writing. Thus, I pick up my poetry collections that I partially publish on Instagram and Facebook (@rpartiste), I write the second episode of an entertainment/thriller series, and I take on fulfilling my greatest dream: to one day, see “André’s dream” in children’s hands.  


Jérémie Kaiser 


First of all, Jérémie is a childhood friend with whom I share my passion for writing. He is a gifted illustrator and has already published four books in the last years, among these – “Mango die kleine rosa Raupe” (Mango the little pink caterpillar) for which he also has drawn all the illustrations. Jérémie is French and a German citizen and writes in German. Discover Jérémie’s universe and illustrations on his personal page: www.jeremiekaiser.com. I am a great fan of Jérémie’s work and drawing style. He was present when I wrote “André’s dream’s” first lines over ten years ago and he has always supported me in my endeavour to one day publish it. It is all so natural that Jérémie is the man for the job and I am very happy to take him on board at this stage of the project.

(PS: Jérémie created the first André’s dream cover sketch in 2010 that has become the KissKissBankBank profile picture)


The corrector:                                                                                    

“Le Corrigeur” *(https://corrigeur.fr) is a member of the Writer’s council group of which he also is a guarantor member and member of the National council. He is a professional reference in the field and has corrected and adapted the work of numerous rewarded authors throughout the last 25 years of his career. He will make sure the story matches the highest actual literary standards.  I am very anxious to start working on the finalization of the novel with him and to offer a final version of André’s dream that will carry the readers hearts and souls away. *Le Corrigeur is a European trade mark brand owned by par Pierre-Gilles Launay.


The translator

To this day, I am in touch with various translators who have previously translated successful youth novels into English. Their commitment to André’s dream will depend on Kisskissbankbank crowdfunding campaign. Therefore, spread the word around you and let’s make this second step happen together.


All funds raised during the KissKissBankBank campaign will be directly transferred to the “Le rêve d’André” association,  that has specially been created to promote Andre’s dream and vision…


Thank you for your trust, I am looking forward to sharing this adventure with you…


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