Les Déboussolées

Travelling across South America to find new cultures through a web-documentaries’s series.

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Les Déboussolées

The Project


Over a ten month period, we are going to browse many different countries in South America to meet and discover several unfamiliar cultures and ways of living.


The purpose : as we meet different people along the way, we will film them and create a series of several thirteen minute web-documentaries broadcasting every two weeks on our website.


Guided by our compass needle, we will travel to discover some unusual personalities and do some improbable meetings. Every documentary will be one of these personality's portrayed.


This web-documentaries’s serie will be broadcast on the website lesdeboussolees.com in which we will also tell our daily life as travelers and video makers.


To come with these videos, a space to communicate with you will be available so you can interact with us about our encounters or our documentaries’s content.


The Déboussolées, it’s about a web-documentaries’serie which has to aim to push the interaction between you and us, our web audience, eager to go further in the film experience we are suggesting you.




The Team


At the beginning, the Déboussolées are two travelers : Clémence Borowiack and Fanny Couvreur.


Each of us has already lived some wonderful experiences in different cultures that gave us the desire to live more of it: in United States and in Eastern Europe for Clémence, in Brazil and Palestine for Fanny.


With both a two-year technical degree in production for Clémence and framing for Fanny, we would like to put our experience at the service of this project, but it is also a way for us to get more experience and learn new way of filming along the way.


We have really different taste and personality. We hope that by combining our both point of view that would help us make really special web-documentaries.


Clémence, the producer, takes care of the financial and organizational aspect of the project.

Fanny, video reporter, will be in charge of the shooting and editing step.




To help us in the creation and the development of the project, we are surrounded by a team that support us from the beginning and that will continue to help us from France:

- Théo Grébeude, technical responsible, who is taking care of all the technical aspects of the project.

- Etienne André, sound technician, who will take care of the sound mixing on every documentaries and also our music composer.

- Claire Nerrembourg, graphic designer, creator of the Déboussolées’s graphics standards.

- Robin Jungers, web-designer, in charge of the creation of our website: lesdeboussolees.com.


Coming from the idea of Clémence and Fanny, this project is formed around an entire team of young professionals desirous to open themselves to the world and to share their curiosity, surprises and their discoveries.




Waar dient de collecte voor

This fund-raising is to bankroll our missing equipment and his insurance


We have already some special gear : 

- Camera Canon 70D

- Two lens (Canon 18-135 and Tamron 17-50)

- Tripod

- One microphone for DSLR Rode

- …


Now, we just missing a powerful and light computer so we can edit our documentaries along the way and put the final videos and our website.


So your contribution will be used for:

- Purchase of a MacBook Pro (essential for the editing), some hard drives and SD card: 2 653 $

- Postal dispatches (to send the hard drives to France): 173 $

- Equipment’s Insurance: 403 $

- KissKissBankBank fee: 230 $


If the fund-raising go over this goal, it will help us to complete once again the gear (lapel microphone,  batteries for Canon, GoPro, …).



Thank you very much for your support!

The Déboussolées & Cie




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