Les Enfants d'Icare - First album

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Les Enfants d'Icare - First album

After two years of stage, musical research and multiple collaborations, Les Enfants d'Icare is  about to record its first  studio album.

Recording period: june 2019

Label: Collectif Déluge

physical distribution: Déluge/Socadisc

digital distribution: Déluge/Absilone

release: february 2020

It's going to be an 11 tracks album, of exclusive original compositions.

The band is:

Boris Lamérand - violin, alto, composition

Antoine Delprat - violin

Olive Perrusson - viola

Octavio Angarita - cello

The quartet is supported by a young jazz label, the Déluge collective, and has recruted the perfect team. https://www.collectifdeluge.fr/

The artistic production will be directed by the pianist and jazz composer Carine Bonnefoy, who will be also invited to play with the quartet on few tracks. http://carine-bonnefoy.com/

Other surprise guests are at the rendezvous! One with a mustache ... we will not tell you more! ...

The sound engineer Etienne Graindorge (Fabrique Nomade, 2e2m, Soundinitiative) will join his golden ears and his talent to the project. 

Waar dient de collecte voor

In order to create properly this album,we're going to need lots...and lots of money! We ask modestly 6000 euros which would make it possible to meet the so-called incompressible expenses (which do not take into account the wages of the musicians) either:

5 days recording studio: 1500€ (25%)

5 days mix/master: 1500€ (25%)

 artistic production: 410€ (7%)

Digipacks realisation (1000 CD): 1000€ (17%)

SDRM tax: 1110€ (19%)

KissKiss commission: 480€ (8%)

And that is: 6000 euros. Without these 6000 euros, the disc simply can not exist. In a second time we rely on small grants (SCPP, FCM) that would honestly pay all the artists who collaborate in this project, and fund the promotion of the release of album.

And if ever by the happiest chance we exceeded the bar of 6000 €, what remains will be used to finance the promotion of the release of album, as to hire a press attaché (2500 €), turn quality teasers (500 €) ...

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