Les "Phi" lles du désert

28 years ago Sophie and Delphine took rdv, before their 50's, to participate to the Rally Aicha des Gazelles. Help them to leave in March 2018!

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Les "Phi" lles du désert



TEAM 145

Temerity, courage, adventure, solidarity, fortitude, overtaking: "Values that we share"

We are Sophie and Delphine, two dynamic and determined friends and 28 years ago Sophie and Delphine give themselves appointment .... before they turn 50 ... to participate in the Aicha des Gazelles Rally.

Here we are! Through our association L’Evidence du désert, we will start the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles on March 17th 2018


1990, the first Rallye Aicha des Gazelles, Sophie and Delphine are friends and roommates in Nantes, seeing the start of the Sophie Rally said: ONE DAY WE WILL DO IT TOGETHER AND BEFORE OUR 50 YEARS ....


We have just celebrate our 45 years, our friendship is intact ... the desert is then an evidence!!!


From left to right ….

Delphine: 5 years old, physiotherapist in les Sables d’Olonne (85), dynamic, positive, courageous, persevering, athletic

Sophie: 5 years old, living in Cap D’Ail (06), Finance Director in Monaco, dynamic, tireless, persevering, determined, feminine






A 100% female rally that brings together more than 30 nationalities of women aged 18 to 65 in Morocco

160 female crews onboard of a 4X4, a cross over, a truck, a SSV, a quad or a motorbike

A physical and mental test of 2500 kms in 9 days off-road in the Moroccan desert

Another vision of motorsport, navigation is done :

"old fashion" … without GPS only with map and compass!

"no notion of speed" … it is important to make the fewest kilometers to find the beacons in the desert

Strong human values such as temerity, courage, sharing, perseverance, determination, la solidarity and respect.



The rally Aicha des Gazelles is:

a partnership with the association Yann Arthus Bertrand (www.goodplanet.org)

the first rally to get certified ISO 14001 since 2010 which aims to help companies to manage the impact of their activities on the environment and demonstrate the effectiveness of their management



This rally is not only a sport car racing, this is also the willingness to engage with local populations via the association Cœur de gazelles.

Cœur de gazelles works closely with the Moroccan government in order to carry out "concrete and useful" projects for the Moroccan populations.

She relies on the strength, notoriety, values and especially the logistics of the Rally to serve population. 

Its main actions are:

Medical: access to care in remote villages, thanks to the Caravan.

Education: the battle against illiteracy by building.

Environment: creation of wells and tree plantations.

Vocational reintegration of single women.

Assistance with everyday life: donation in remote villages.

Our association « l’Evidence du désert » partners with the association Coeur de gazelles by collecting hygiene products for the local population, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo and biodegradable shower gel, baby bottle, powdered milk, plasters, sterile gloves, antibacterial gel, …

For more information consult: www.coeurdegazelles.org   www.rallyeaichadesgazelles.com




Waar dient de collecte voor


Why supporting us?


You are part of our family 

                                    …to our friends …

                                       …to our colleagues… so you necessarily want to help us

(Isn’t it?) 


… you came across our project by chance

Know that there is no hazard in life. That’s a SIGN!



Women’s rally² + orientation + mechanical = LOL


Confess that this is the equation that will illuminate your day and eventually your week ! Imagine your parties with friends, your coffee break with your colleagues: follow two women in the Moroccan desert for a 4x4 rally, with no GPS …. Amongst 300 other gazelles

Insurgent laughter! So for that you have to support us!!



We have all the more need of you to make lie these men and make them swallow their pride when they see us cross the finish line.

But not only support us, is also sharing the adventure with us.


We are adventurers, determined, persevering and responsible so we have decided not to do the rally on camel back but with a true vehicle, just as intrepid and valiant as we are!


 You are asking yourself why 5000 euros (total rally’s budget of 30 000 euros: 15 000 euros fee registration, 8 000 euros vehicle, 4 000 euros training, 3 000 euros logistic & safety equipments) ? It is because we have to finance our 3rd team member, our 4x4.

Then the principle of Kisskissbankbank is "all or nothing" !

- Below 5 000 €, we get nothing (= your donations will be returned to you)! :((((

- Above 5 000 €, the project is sanctioned and you help us to finance our vehicle and even more because any amount collected above 5 000€ will be distributed the Beatrice Schonberg Foundation (www.fondation-beatrice-schonberg.org), for information 1000 euros of your donations allow to enroll a girl for one year.

Then we count on you to blow up the kitty!

 We have created the association L’Evidence du désert in order to raise the necessary funds for the success of this project.

No matter how much you donate, for us, it is already a lot. It helps us to move towards the starting line and we will always be grateful to you.

 Thanks to you, we will be able to buy/rent and prepare for the dunes of the Moroccan desert, our companion of road and to put on the number 145!


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