Let's Rally behind the Handicap of these children to improve their life conditions !

Make our Dream and those lovely children come true :) We need you, they need us! Hand by hand we could move mountains;) Tin-Hinan Gazelitas

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Let's Rally behind the Handicap of these children to improve their life conditions !



OUR  joint  commitment


Support to the A.P.I.S.K (Association of Integration School Professors of Khemisset in Morocco)


These professors daily  work with handicapped children:

Hearing-impaired, dumbs, autistic Cerebral Motor Handicapped, Trisomic...


Our goal is to help them to improve these children life in terms of school & social integration but also in the medical side.  









Last Campaign made in the province of Khemisset in Morocco with a first support from Handicap International.

Teachers daily try to improve to disabled children for a better integration at school and give them the opportunity to better live their handicap.However, they still have a lack of means, materials, finance, specific trainings...This is why we would like through the rally to give them some great impulse & international visibility to make their projects realized through regular funds!! More than just a sport challenge, the rally is becoming a real human adventure to help all these lovely disabled children !!!


Video Campaign to sensibilise communities to the educational integration for disabled children




What is the Rally Aicha of Gazelles ?


It is a human adventure 100 % feminine organized by the agency Maïenga.

      Created by Dominique SERRA since 1990, the rally gathers 33 different nationalities in the Moroccan desert. More than 3000 " Gazelles ", beginners or professionals leave this adventure marked forever by the experience: they push their limits, have to face themselves, far away from their difficult daily lives as women; there is also a strong element of sharing, solidarity , mutual aid & generosity  with their teammate as well as with the other “Gazelles”.







8 Days of competition

To be up at 4h

Departure at 6h

Intensive days from 10 to 13 hours driving    




   It is a moral, physical and emotional challenge!


A  unique concept :


2500 km only in off-road Just old fashioned navigation No speed & no of GPS.Only with a compass  a map.  





We already are pre-registered !!!




Waar dient de collecte voor

The funds will serve to pay the inscriptions fees & participation charges as follows:




Registration fees Rally Aicha og Gazelles 2015: €14 800


Car rent+Insurance: €7 000


1 driving + navigation practice compulsory: €1 900


Round trips expenses for Morocco (Ferry, route & plane…) : €1 600


Beacon rent SARSAT+ tracking system: €1 200


Toolbox (schovels, towing beltplate to pull out of the sand…) : €300


Secondary materials for 4x4 ( 2 puncture sealants, 1 pressure manometer for tyres): €400


Mechanical parts for assistance+ mechanical materials: €2 000


Navigation materials: €300


Security equipments & Bivouac materials: €700


Communication, printing, stickers: €1 000


If we managed to collect more than the budget we need, the surplus will automatically be given to the APISK in order to help them to develop in a long term their different projects like a priority example: a special mini-bus for disabled children to bring them at school...Very often children are coming from poor families living in countryside.... So Let's help them !!!!!! 


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