« Life School », 2ème album de Segun OLA

Support Segun Ola in his new musical creation that breaks down the borders by combining artists from Africa and Europe!

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« Life School », 2ème album de Segun OLA

Segun Ola is launching its second album "Life School" involving artists from Africa and Europe. This album is the result of 10 years of discovery and intercultural exchanges of the artist.






10 years after "Alawodudu" (African, do not forget where you come from), his first live album released in 2006, the musician and singer Segun Ola is soon releasing his second disc.


Called "Life School", the artist's second audiobook is made of 12 tracks performed in Yoruba, French and English languages, which will associate artists from West Africa and Europe (in featuring).


Some tracks have already been "tested" in front of the public who has welcomed them warmly.


Watch the Video of "Segun Ola & Band" extract at the Festival "Nacht der Kultur" in Schweinfurt (Germany, 2013) and specifically an extract of the track "Ife" from the Album “Life School” (from 3'05'')










Segun Ola is a multidisciplinary artist: author, actor, director, acrobat, juggler, magician, poet and musician. Native of Lagos, Nigeria, and living in Cotonou, Benin, Segun Ola has been initiated since his teens to different forms of artistic expression, in contact with renowned artists he drew energy and learned a lot from in music, film and drama.


Watch a presentation of the artist on this video!




His first album, "Alawodudu", recorded in live in 2005 and released in 2006, was promoted on various occasions during concerts in Benin and Europe (Alimentation Générale in Paris in 2014, Café Congo in Kortrijk in Belgium in 2014, etc.) and on the occasion of several festivals (Festival "Trefpunt Festival - Gentse Feesten 45ste" in Belgium in 2014, the festival "Kultur der Nacht" in Schweinfurt in Germany in 2013).





Experience in African musical mix ... Segun Ola has already initiated multicultural projects promoting innovative musical alliances: it was the case in 2014 with his “Mix Afrobeat Mandingue” project, a creation resulting from a musical mix between Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Benin that concretized in a concert on the 11th of July 2014 at the French Institute of Cotonou.






Introduction of Segun Ola on the "school of life" he experiences in the streets:


Segun Ola a tout appris dans la rueWaza - Originaire du Nigéria, Segun Ola fait de la polyvalence artistique son point fort. Danseur, acrobate, chanteur, il nous raconte, dans cette émission de Rencontres et Profils, son univers.  


"Life School", an inspiration beyond the borders ... “Life School” is the sum of 10 years of musical career, 10 years of research, meetings, learning, concerts, festivals. It is the fruit of experience gained during this time by the author, Segun Ola, a former street child who became a confirmed artist with multiple talents.



"In short, all that is material seems vey small. The most fabulous thing that can exist is to learn from nature, life and mankind that were created by God, with the elements Fire, Water, Air and Earth. In the street, I met the light, the sounds, the beautiful decor, all of which enhance the intelligence, manners, knowledge and know-how. The story is in the past and only the lessons to draw from life remain for life and must push to go far in the projects. In a word, life is a school and people need to realize that." - Segun Ola


A multicultural production: “Life School” is a 12-tracks album composed from different universes, executed in Yoruba, French and English languages, and associating a variety of artists from Africa and Europe.



01. Ranmilowo

02. Iyani wura

03. Owamilo

04. Ifè

05. Ogbon

06. Captivity

07. Street School

08. Only Jah know

09. Tes yeux et les miens

10. Unite

11. Melow Junction

12. Lolon


Creation process


A travelling recording process between Africa and Europe: the recording of the various tracks of the Album will be done in 5 African countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Togo, Ghana, Nigeria) and 3 European countries (France, Belgium, Germany) with the following artists:


>> AFRICA: BENIN: Zeynab Habib, Don Metok, Gangbé Brass Band - Musicians: Fifi FENDA (Electric Guitar), Ivan (bass), Jimmy (Drums), John (Percussion), Jean (keyboard), David (Saxophone) Willy (Trumpet), Raphael (Trombone), Estelle (chorus) // BURKINA FASO: Baba Commandant, Joey le Soldat // // GHANA NIGERIA: Fela Kuti & Egypt 80 / TOGO: King Mensah and many others ... !


>> EUROPE: GERMANY // FRANCE // BELGIUM: Artists to discover very soon!


The creation period will take place between February and May 2016:

Ö     February: Recording of 5 tracks in Benin

Ö     March: Recording Tour in Burkina Faso, Togo, Ghana and Nigeria

Ö     April-May: Recording of tracks in France, Belgium and Germany




After the rehearsals and recording of different tracks in the 8 countries, the mixing and mastering of the disc will be held in Belgium.


The French Institute of Benin (IFB) in Cotonou, historical partner of Segun Ola, has already committed to host the concert of launching of the album that will be held on July 2nd, 2016.




Following this, Segun Ola will go on an international tour in West Africa and Europe from summer 2016 !! Get ready to mark your calendars!!


Moreover, a promotional booklet "Zoom on Segun Ola" will also be created: it will consist of a text presentation of the artist's productions and a CD with videos of his former projects and compilation of rushes of the “making of” of the album.


This multicultural and multi-countries production makes this project a real challenge and that is why Segun needs your support!!!







To thank you for your generous contribution, we propose a wide variety of counterparts, at the level of various possibilities:


Ø  sticker promoting the album

Ø  autographed CD


Ø  the t-shirt of the concert (limited edition!!)

Ø  the poster of the launching concert 


Ø  invitations to the launching concert, etc.


And for the most generous, very special counterparts:


Ø  exclusive access to one of the rehearsals prior to recording (available in each of the 8 capitals of the countries to be visited: Cotonou, Ouagadougou, Lomé, Accra, Lagos, Bruxelles, Paris et Bonn)

Ø  a private concert during the 2016 tour (same as above, if out of the cities, plan to take care of additional travel and accommodation costs) 

Ø  the creation of a personalized song!!







Tel. : +229 21 03 04 56

Cel. : +229 61 13 18 12 / 95 95 89 58


Address : 01 BP 6474 Cotonou BENIN

Email : segolacreation@yahoo.fr


Facebook Segun Ola Officiel



Myspace Segun Ola



Segun Ola Google +






« Segun Ola nous a fait voyager à travers l’Afrique et ses multiples couleurs musicales (...) La petite touche béninoise était au rendez-vous pour parfaire cette idée panafricaniste de la musique. Zeynab, invitée surprise à ce festin musical, a conquis le sourire de tout le public par son duo émouvant avec Segun. L’Afrique demeure culturellement riche, l’artiste nous l’a démontré» - Charles Amoussou, Magazine Grand Public (Bénin), 5 août 2014


« From street kid to mentor. Segun is a man of many parts. He is an acrobat, actor, artiste, a comedian, magician and workshop organiser. » - Maurice Archibong, Daily sun (Nigeria), 9 février 2012


« His talent and creativity developed and he represented Lagos State Ministry of Arts and Culture at the National Festival of Arts (NAFEST) between 1995 and 1996 » - Justice Ilevbare et Mary Ekah, The Satursday Newspaper (Nigeria), 25 avril 2009


« Segun Ola est un jeune artiste de la scène montante du Bénin et du Nigéria. Ses chansons sont un mélange de jazz, de high life, de reggae et d’afro traditionnelle. Son jeu scénique, sa voix puissante et la pertinence des thématiques chantées en langue yoruba, fon, mina, anglais et français mettent en exergue la densité de son art » - Archives lepost huffingtonpost.fr, 15 avril 2009


« Dompter le feu, jouer de la magie ou de la comédie, danser ou balancer un toast ragga d’une voix profonde, chanter sur une rythmique afrobeat ou bluesy, et même slammer… Segun Ola peut tout faire » - Émission Afrik’art, magazine des abonnés, Canal + Horizon, août 2008


« Au Bénin, Segun Ola a enregistré un album live, entre ciel et terre, entre afrobeat, blues et funk, avec un détour reggae en Français. Cet opus, Alawodudu («Africain n'oublie pas d'où tu viens»), est l'ultime preuve que ce qui est invisible pour les yeux ne l'est pas pour les oreilles... » - Élodie Maillot, Mondomix (France), janvier-février 2008


« Alawodudu, une signature de la bête de scène Segun Ola » - Jacques Laleye, L’option info (Bénin), 30 octobre 2006


« Tout le monde y trouve son compte et personne ne se lasse d’écouter et de vivre l’énergie artistique dont regorge ce musicien-chanteur à l’humour facile en embrassant le vécu quotidien et en dénonçant les manœuvres politiciennes qui ont cours en Afrique » - Claude Urbain Plagbeto, Le Républicain (Bénin), 30 octobre 2006


« Sur scène, le musicien-chanteur accorde la World Music, allie savoir-faire et imagination créative à la comédie comme à la danse » - Claude Urbain Plagbeto, Le Républicain (Bénin), 14 décembre 2005


« Son jeu scénique, sa voix acidulée et la pertinence des thématiques à l’allure du célèbre Fela Anikulakpo Kuti mettent en exergue la densité de son art » - Rock Akpoli, Quotidien Nokoué (Bénin), 5 mars 2005




Waar dient de collecte voor

The multicultural nature of this album makes its production costs higher than a "classic" album, but it is what makes the project culturally rich and unusual!! Therefore Segun Ola needs your help to complete this adventure!


The total budget for the creation is 13,238 Euros.


The main expenses of the project are:

Ø Artistic creation of the album (recording, mixing, mastering + jacket and graphics printing / duplicating of the CD): 9610 Euros

Ø West Africa Transportation (from Benin to Burkina Faso, Togo, Ghana, Nigeria): 168 Euros

Ø Accommodation costs in West Africa (Burkina Faso, Togo, Ghana, Nigeria): 640 Euros

Ø Europe Transportation (from Benin to France, Germany and Belgium): 1140 Euros

Ø Accommodation costs in Europe (France, Germany and Belgium): 1680 Euros


The artist Segun Ola will contribute 1500 Euros to the overall budget and is mobilizing additional funding from its institutional network in Benin, especially among sponsors that have partnered with him in recent years (French Institute of Benin, French Lycée in Nigeria, French Alliance of Lagos, Cultural Space Gambidi Burkina Faso, Africa Art, Kauris of Afrik, AfricaFun, etc.)


We are seeking support from the Kiss Kiss Bank Bank community for an amount of 7 500 Euros, that represents a little bit over 50% of the total budget.


The funds that will be raised through our generous Kiss Kiss Bank Bank community will be used to support the following expenses:


Under the budget line "artistic creation of the album" 6180 Euros:

Ø Recording of 12 songs: 12 * 385 = 4620 Euros

Ø Mixing of 12 pieces: 12 * 50 = 600 Euros

Ø Mastering Album: 12 * 80 = 960 Euros


Under the budget line "transport and accommodation Europe": 1320 Euros:

Ø Transport France-Belgium-Germany: 3 * 100 = 300 Euros

Ø A portion of the hosting fees of the artist in Europe (equivalent to 12.75 days): 12.75 * 80 = 1020 Euros


If we exceed the amount targeted :-)


The total budget announced in the introduction covers all the costs necessary for the making of the album in partnership with artists of different countries and also includes the duplication of copies of the album once finalized. If luckily the amount raised exceeds what we had initially expected, we can then take cover additional expenses such as:

Ø expenses relating to the launch operation of the album (e.g. communication)

Ø the expenses related to the various tours of the artist following the official launching of the Album


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