Live Album of Greek Music

Finance a live Album of a concert of Greek music given by the virtuoso of the bouzouki Nicolas SYROS and his group at Millau at Novembe 2015.

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Live Album of Greek Music

Our association “Le Blues du Pyrée”, has been promoting Greek culture and especially it’s music through the organization of concerts, musical lectures, and conferences since 2008 in Millau, Aveyron FRANCE.


We have organized a unique concert  “Journey into the heart of Greek Music” on November the 14 2015 in Millau, Aveyron featuring the musician Nicolas Syros and his band coming form Greece.


Nicolas Syros is a singer and a bouzouki virtuoso, an essential reference of the Rebetiko genre, the famous Greek Blues echoing with an incredible acuteness the crisis that Greece is going trough.




This concert has been succeseful thanks to the participation of many singers and musicians who travelled from Greece  at the theatre of  la Maison du peuple of Millau.




This Album will collect Rebetiko songs of course, but also songs from the modern repertoire .

As a preview, these are some musical extracts :

  Our desire is to associate you with the financing of this project to immortalize this event.


Waar dient de collecte voor

A first call for subscription to the Album lunched at the end of the concert  permitted to collect 2000 €.

This collection will  help us to finance a part of the total cost of the project that comes to 5500 € divided up as follows:


-Recording and releasing the live Album, editing, mixing and mastering 1800 €

-Pressing and packaging and Copyrights SACEM :2600 €

-Graphic design of the Album : 500 €

-Postage fees for the Album and other fees : 200 €


-Cost of the KisskissBankBank platform ( 8% of the collected money)


Provisional planning :

-Concert and profesionnal recording : released on the 14th of nevember 2015

-Mixing and  mastering : released on 14th of  mars 2016

-Graphical design of the booklet : 15th of april 2016

-Packaging : 15th oh may 2016

-Sending of the albums to the contributers  : begenning of june 2016



Your contribution will above all give life to a project that will honour Greek music in its diversity and will recall the riches of Greek culture and its fair place in today's Europe


What shall we do with the extra funds if we overtake the amount of the collection ?


50% of the sum in excess will allow the Association to participate in financing the medical equipment of Skopelos hospital in 2016, the isle of Skopelos being the birth place of some musicians of the group.


25% to participate in a tour of lectures in France or Europe about Rebetiko, animated by a Lecturer and Nicolas and his group.


25% to organise events about Greek culture together with the local cultural associations ( visits of Greek writers, Theatre activities for children etc.)


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