Un livre de chawans créés par Emmanuel Alexia

Participate in the creation of an artist's book that will present a selection of chawans made by Emmanuel Alexia.

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Un livre de chawans créés par Emmanuel Alexia

Inspired by Nature, I create ceramics for the Way of Tea, mainly bowls. Immersed in Nature, I harvest and prepare the mineral raw materials. I use wood fire kilns themselves made of clay. Black bowls are my favorite. Their creation is the focus of my research ... I expose them in Europe and Japan. Object of meditation and contemplation, I conceive them and dedicate them to the practice of Cha-no-yu.

This autumn 2019, I’m celebrating 25 years of my clay path.

On this occasion and for my next three exhibitions in October and November 2019 in Japan, Sasayama, at the Gansui Gallery and the Nomura Art Museum in Kyoto I wanted to associate with a graphic artist Romuald Maurel himself a connoisseur of oriental ceramics and a lover of tea for make a book that will present a selection of chawans. I asked Philippe A.F Neeser, Sekkaku-an Jakuô Sôsui, Tea Master of the Urasenke School, collector of Japanese ceramics to kindly contribute with an introductory text ...

This book will allow each visitor, collector or just curious to have in his hands and library an access door on my work and my ceramic research.

A different and creative book

Each chawan is a universe

The bias of this work is to leave a big place to the image and to realize layouts which reveal the nuances of form and matter of each bowl in echo with the clays, the rocks, the plants, the landscapes which compose the concrete and imaginary body of each one of them.

An introduction will be written by Philippe A.F Neeser who did us the honor to accept to participate in this project.



Et ça ressemblera à quoi ?

Son format sera de 200 X 300 mm.

Plusieurs dépliants de trois pages permettront de présenter des détails de matière ou de texture de certaines pièces. Il y aura des photos d’atelier, de fours, de façonnage, de matières, de paysages. Il sera imprimé sur un papier couché mat avec une reliure cousue main. L’ouvrage sera en Français avec une introduction traduite en anglais et japonais

And what will it look like?

Its format will be 200 X 300 mm.

Several pamphlets of three pages will present details of material or texture of certain pieces. There will be photos of workshops, ovens, shaping, materials, landscapes. It will be printed on an uncoated paper paper with an hand stitched binding. The book will be in French whith translations in English and Japanese

Why do I need your help?

Working on this project, I wanted to make a beautiful edition by choosing a professional graphic designer concerned with the details and the spirit of my approach as well as a demanding printer and the choice of a quality paper to be able to propose a book that everyone can consult and keep with pleasure.This choice involves a blow of rather high manufacture.

 L’équipe qui le réalisera / The team that will realize it

Graphic design: Romuald Maurel

Photography: Sarah Robine, Antoine Arges, Christophe Carbonel 

Texts and translations: Philippe A.F Neeser, Emmanuel Alexia

Print : Escourbiac

Waar dient de collecte voor

The collection will be used to cover the printing costs.

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