Livre d'artiste JOUR/NUIT

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Livre d'artiste JOUR/NUIT

JOUR/NUIT is a photo book made from a series photographs of the road between Maussane-les-Alpilles and Eygalières in Alpilles in south of France.


This road connects the two municipalities located in the Regional Natural Park of the Alpilles and crosses the Mediterranean forest present on this territory.




After traveling several times on this winding car road in the Alpilles, the path became familiar but always striking to me. Through photography, I wanted to capture and share my perspective of this road trip.


The photographs have been taken from a car during the go and return trip, once during the day then at night.


This set of photographs has a formal simplicity, the road is the main element of the composition, while the landscape scrolls on the sides, each bend takes us to a hidden destination.






Photographs take us from a point A to a point B but we never perceives any starting or arrival point. The transition from one page to another creates the suspense of the possible discovery of an end point that never happens.  


The photographs are taken in motion but they seem completely frozen. The photography is a stop in time and space that restores representation of movement with difficulty.


It is quite naturally that the form of the book has emerged in the development of this series. The book has the advantage of being manipulated, pages can be turned, images are scrolling page after page. The book allows me to simulate the movement.




I arranged my images in diptych head to tail, the right one is right side up and the left one is placed upside down. This position requires the return of the book to be able to observe images in the correct direction.




I like to think that there is neither a beginning nor an ending in this book, because it can be constantly flipped.


In designing the shape of the book, I introduce the notion of continuity with the evocation of day and night and an endless roll-out of this permanent cyclical journey.


About the book :


artist book,

offset, two-sided black and white print, 150 g/m2 Hello fat matt

matte black hardcover

30 pages, 21 x 21 cm

150 copies including 15 copies, signed and numbered

photography and graphic design by Charlotte Perrin



Selling price :

book 30 euros

numbered ans signed edition 50 euros


Waar dient de collecte voor

By participating in the fundraiser you will support the completion of the production of the book DAY / NIGHT (printing and binding) and thus allow its dissemination to a wide audience.


You can obtain a copy in pre-order before its distribution in bookshops.


If the amount is exceeded, additional funds will be used to finance projects in progress.


Future projects which could be supported:


- The print and framing of the photographic series Seasons

- The creation of a tailor made neon for an exhibition project in early 2014

- Production of new silk screens



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