Loa Frida - Mini-album

Loa Frida is recording a mini-album (40mn - 6-7 tracks). You can be part of this project...

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Loa Frida - Mini-album


Loa Frida, is a pop-folktronica trio (voice / guitar / keyboards and small instruments) based in the region of Aude, in France.


Our music can be linked to musical aesthetics as various as those of Björk, Steve Reich or Kate Bush. 


The trio was created during the summer of 2011 around the compositions of the singer Anka Ujma, with Jocelyn Bonnerave on guitars and Pierre Carsalade on small instruments.






Loa Frida quickly found its own personal sound, rebuilding the pop standards using unusual forms and strange instruments (ukulele, glockenspiel, hand-made percussions), but also experimenting new soundscapes on what was at the beginning only acoustic instruments. 


This is the aesthetic documented by our first demo EP, recorded in our neighbour's home-studio (thank you Graham !) only 3 months after our first concert.




Today, this research in sound evolved toward the more and more frequent use of electric and/or electronic instruments such as keyboards, guitar effects, electronic loops or samples - without abandoning the acoustic instruments of our beginnings.  


The track Bad Boy, recorded live in may 2013, give a first sight of this orientation.



During 2013, Loa Frida gave numerous gigs that provided us an extended regional recognition. The trio was also spotted by local or national institutions (tremplin Vice Versa, regional preselection for the Printemps de Bourges and the Inrocks Lab).


Our aim now is to provide a pro recording to all those who want to bring home (or in their car, at the beach, in their bedroom) a part of our musical universe... 


And this is where you play your part in the process...


Waar dient de collecte voor


We are producing ourselves the album, and will be present at each stage of the process.

The collected funds will finance the two steps of an album making we can't manage by ourselves : mastering and pressing.


We planned 600€ for the mastering, and 900€ for the pressing (including a digipack sleeve).


Which make 1500€ all in all.


We will carry out by ourselves the recording, the mixing and the artwork.

David Ona, our sound engineer, will manage the two first aspects, providing his gear and experience (and if you listened to us recently on stage, you will know that you can trust him).

Anka will make the artwork.


If you will be generous enough for give more than 1500€, we will use the surplus only for optimise the quality of the CD (better mastering, better sleeve).  


More important will be the funding, more beautiful and well-made will be the CD.


We hope you will be many to participate...


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