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Today, computing in the broad sense consumes a large amount of electrical energy and all the more worrying as it is invisible. And for good reason, datacenters produce as much greenhouse gas as air traffic!


It is also essential to restore the confidentiality of personal data which to date are transmitted to Internet giants who exploit them for purposes of advertising targeting in exchange for pseudo "free" services.



LOLA ™ is an innovative and revolutionary data storage solution at home. Totally secure, this box offers state-of-the-art services (personal cloud, media center and voice control.) This is the first decentralized datacenter dedicated to storage to reduce the energy consumption of the Internet.


Our model is that of collaborative economics: LOLA ™ owners can decide which storage capacity (memory) they want to share with a trusted third party. By becoming a computer service provider, it will then be possible to earn up to 50 € per month or to obtain benefits (reductions) on services (VOD, music platforms etc.)


With LOLA ™ your data is safe! By keeping them in your home or on the LOLA ™ network, you protect yourself from commercial exploitation of the data because the data is backed up by the community and not by the servers of private companies worldwide.


No need to transmit cloud data to Internet giants who exploit them for advertising targets in exchange for pseudo "free" services.


Adopting LOLA ™ also means doing something for the environment, reducing the use of energy-hungry and polluting datacenters. Datacenters produce as much greenhouse gas as air traffic and spend 50% of their energy supply solely to cool servers.

By decentralizing the infrastructure, air conditioning is eliminated, and the path taken by the data is optimized for a maximum energy gain of nearly 60%, and as much CO2 reduction.


Waar dient de collecte voor

We presented our prototype during many events (Cop22, CES 2017, Viva Technology ...) with excellent feedback that helped us to advance and improve our product. By becoming Laureate of the France Initiative label, we obtained an honorary loan of € 36,000, supplemented by a bank loan of € 35,000.


We are now missing € 10,000 to realize our next objectives: realize the electronic design and the pre-industrial series of LOLA ™ and carry out an environmental impact study to demonstrate the positive impact of decentralized hosting solutions ... And of course you can help us realize this adventure right now by subscribing to one of our counterparts ... and for that, we will never thank you enough!

What if we go beyond the goal?

Obviously, we have plenty of ideas and if the collection is a success we reserve you beautiful surprises!

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