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Lowup 10 Years !

Who would have thought that a series of small monthly parties at Momo, a loft in Brussels would lead us here? 10 years of shared passion during many nights in different places in Brussels, 7 years of shared enthusiasm around our releases on Lowup & 6 years of shared passions around our radio show on Bruzz.


Anyway, to mark this we’ve decided we wanted to imply as many of you as possible around this project, which is definitely the biggest one we’ve embarked on.



The project:


A compilation of high quality, both on the artistic point, as well as on the production side. We carefully selected about 15 high-level artists. This release will be accompanied by unique merchandise designed by Tim Colmant, our graphic designer and visual director.


Why a Crowdfunding?


To help us cover the production costs of this compilation, a good mastering, a professional promotional coverage and the realization of a whole range of exclusive merchandising.

We have already lovingly collected & selected tracks from locals Max Daron, DJ Mellow, (Peas) & Ozferti and also a some artists from around the world who’ve woven special ties with Lowup: Kush Arora(US), Major Notes (UK), Kid Cala (ES), Jowaa(GH) , Blastah & Ytem (PT), Tommy Kid (FR), Lorenzo BITW(IT), Schnautzi (CH), Lazy Flow (FR), ....


Ever dreamed of a lowup t-shirt? Or a Tim Colmant poster above your bed?

Well, here is your chance to help us achieve it.


Lowup as a community celebrates its 10th anniversary, this calls for a celebration.


Waar dient de collecte voor

Here's how we'll spend the money if our campaign succeeds:


Professional Mastering : 760 euros 

PR campaign: 1000 euros

t-shirt, tote bag, posters : 1000 euros

KissKissbankbank Processing fees: 240 euros


Total: 3000€

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Compilation + 1 t-shirt + 1 exclusive track (incl. shipping)
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