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Help a young artist to exhibit for the first time in Paris at the Bastille Great Contemporary Art market !

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Lumière scellée


" Sealed Light"      The " Instant lights " * of Tarkovsky are like his cinema : a " Sealed time " * for ever. Persistent memories : of a shot on a film, of  moments stolen to childhood, buried in each of us,  of  ghosts from another world ... Creation from this fixed emotion: this is what prompted me to start this series of paintings . Working on freeze frames and photos, I  wanted to carry on this motionless story-telling. The resulting creation is both the key and the window of the first story , as well as an imaginary time : a kind of modern icon  blessing not a being but a world , a vision, a scream. The picture becomes consequently an extension of the artist, whose narration I borrow , and who finds his echo in me . Cinematic, photographic and pictorial arts, connected - "religere" in Latin -  by a reinvented thread : the one of the sacred , of the intangible part in all things. This link also appears in the introduction of a short  watermark text. These words , reflecting the subtitles which are displayed on the screen like on glass , enable me to recreate " my shot " my " cinematic and pictorial instant" ...           * Collection of photographs and Writing of A.Tarkovski








The creator/designer ...        Living in Angers, Melanie Pasquier is a young French visual artist who uses different techniques and materials such as glass, painting, paper and oil pastels to recreate an emotion experienced in front of a cinematic work.  After a few exhibitions in her native region, now she would like to share her creations with people living in Paris and for that ... She needs you!    Here are some links to see her work:  







The project !        Thanks to your donations, the paintings composing the  "Sealed light" project  will be framed and then carried to Paris (by car) for a few days (and nights) on a stand of the Bastille Great Contemporary Art Market!  





Waar dient de collecte voor



Several steps are necessary to create this project :     - Purchase of frames that are constituent parts of the object I create ( I also paint on  glass ). There are 20 paintings to be framed, 10 small and 10 large ones, which represents 450 € ($607) and 750 € ($1012) .Budget = 1200 € ($1619)  


- Booking a stand at the Bastille Great Contemporary Art Market. The lowest price corresponds to a 9m2 outdoor stand,  to share with another exhibitor. It costs 500 € ($675). For your information the higher the price is, the larger the site is,  and it is very well located (the highest price is about 4824 € ($6510) and corresponds to an entire 18m2 stand, located in the marquee ).  So if the collect of donations exceeds the first targeted price, the stand will be bigger and the paintings will be seen more easily ! Minimum budget = 500 € ($675)   - Transport of the paintings and the artist from Angers to Paris . Using a car is necessary to transport 20 paintings (maybe more). According to Mappy , the total cost of a one-way trip is € 66.30 ($90). Whole trip budget = 130 € ($180)



- Accommodation on the site for 7 days : the show takes place over 5 days, from May 1 to May 5 , but the artist must be present one day before to hang the paintings up, and one day after to take them down. By booking now , the average price of a hotel room (Ibis style,  with parking lot) for a week is 973 € ($1313) ... hoping that prices will not increase by March ( end of the collect ) ! Budget = 1000 € ($1350)       That's the point. Obviously, we should add food and communication expenses ( business card , postcard, brochure on the stand and maybe advertising in art magazines) but this will come in addition to the rest,  if the donations exceed the targeted price  .     The total budget amounts to € 2,830 ($3820)  





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