Make a documentary around and with Marco Bellocchio : help us to finance the preparation phase and the location scouting of the film !

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"Jardins Numériques" is an association linked to the Franco-Italian associative network. We get the approval from Marco Bellocchio to produce a docu-fiction about him and with him by the Director Giuseppe Frigeni.



Marco-bellocchio-3-1496244329                                                                                                                      Marco Bellocchio.



From the encounter with Giuseppe Frigeni, Director of Opera, stage and lighting designer and the Paris based Association Les Jardins Numériques was born the idea of making a documentary film around and inspired by the work of the great Italian Director Marco Bellocchio.


An ambitious and exciting project: Cast Marco Bellocchio and Adriano Aprà, the great Italian film critic.



Adriano_apra-1496243804                                                                                                                           Adriano Aprà.


This docudrama is the first portrait on Marco Bellocchio, a sort of Road Movie, more in the tradition of the romantic trip, immersion in his universe, where he and Adriano Aprà longtime friends, will play their own characters.


We will follow the main character, Marco Bellocchio, through a journey by train back to Bobbio (his home town in Italy). And will evoke stories, landmarks, encounters and some movies or cuts of the Filmography of the great Italian filmmaker.


This medium-length movie will be a tribute to the work and the art of Marco Bellocchio and a testament to his influence on the younger generations.


We want to honor a different and deeper Bellocchio cinema vision by exposing the insight of Giuseppe Frigeni on Bellocchio, "a look at another artist by an artist."


This film will be a tribute, a personal portrait, and an attempt, modest but sincere, to reconnect with some principles formal and expressive that Giuseppe Frigeni recognizes in Marco Bellocchio's work.


Far from claiming the comprehensive analysis (which is particular of  historians and critics), this film will be, either as a light support, which would shine through personal obsessions or as a palimpsest on which it will rewrite and redraw benchmarks of the figures of style by Marco Bellocchio.




The maestro : Marco Bellocchio

One of the central figures of Italian cinema.

It has been said that his films are committed, Baroque, subversive, provocative. In fact, often creating controversy, they do not leave indifferent. In the past fifty years of Italian cinema, Marco Bellocchio has seen it all, he who realized in 1965 his first feature film, "Les poings dans les poches", which made a lot of noise.


He is the last of the great filmmakers of the golden age of Italian production. Celebrated Filmmaker, invited to all major festivals (double acting awards at Cannes in 1980 to Anouk Aimee and Michel Piccoli in "Le Saut dans le vide").


He has made several wonderful films, such as "Sourire de ma mère" (2001), "Le metteur en scène de mariages", presented in the selection Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival (2006), "Vincere" (2009), "Buongiorno, notte" (2003) with Maya Sansa, one of his favorite actresses,  " La belle endormie" with Isabelle Huppert and Toni Servillo, "Sangue del mio sangue" (2015), "Fais de beaux rêves" (2016).



The critic : Adriano Apra

Famous Italian film critic, he wrote many books and essays on Italian cinema and has been published in Italy and abroad.


He was co-director of the famous film Club of Rome "Filmstudio 70". and has worked for several festivals, led the Salsomaggiore Film Festival in Emilia-Romagna region and in 1977 and 1998 film festival of Pesaro in the Marche region, in Central Italy.


He led the Italian national film archive and he was a professor at the University "Tor Vergata" in Rome.



The director : Giuseppe Frigeni

Director of the International Opera.  He lives now in France. After a university degree in Italy, he continued the study of contemporary dance in Paris with choreographers, such as Françoise and Dominique Dupuy, José Montalvo, Carolyn Carlson, David Gordon...

In 1988, he met Robert Wilson. He worked on several art projects, first as an assistant, and since 1994 as a co-director, made for the Le Châtelet Theatre, La Scala in Milan, the Opera Bastille, the Opéra National de Paris...


He has also worked as a choreographer for Patrice Chéreau, Peter Stein, Luca Ronconi and Klaus Michael Grüber. Since 2000, he created his own productions, scenography and lights layouts.



The Jardins numériques association





Les Jardins Numériques is an association based in Paris. Established in 2005 with a strong focus on solidarity, and is an active member of the Franco-Italian community network : Italia in Rete.


It offers digital activities, directed primarily to multi leveled audiences living in the South of Paris neighborhoods focusing on disability, digital and social fragility.


It has also developed major video and Web projects, such as the website and educational video tutorials ' Passerelle de mémoires ' with the national Conservatory of arts and crafts (CNAM) in Paris and the virtual museum project Museocube (www.museocube.org)


It currently produced filmed portraits of women "Issues of women", project financed by the regional Council IDF and just receive the Label Paris Europe 2017 of Paris Council.


We thus entered history as protagonists and partners ! And now you go into history with us !




Waar dient de collecte voor

The fund-raising will be used to finance the location scouting before the shooting in Italy in “the places of Marco Bellocchio” (Rome, Piacenza, Bobbio), the meeting of the two artists and the travel expenses.  


Meetings with Marco Bellocchio in Italy and location scouting of the shooting places this summer with the filmmaker, the camera operator and the photographer during 5 days = 2800€

The flight Paris-Rome round trip: 600€

4 nights’ hotel in Rome, Piacenza and Bobbio: 1000€

Travel by train and car: 600€

30 meals: 600€


Kisskissbankbank : 8 % = 240,00 €


If we go beyond our aim :

> And reach 4000€, we will piece together files to request private and public funding

> And reach 6000€, we will participate in festivals and documentary markets to find funders and distributors.




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