Mademoiselle Joséphine

Join us in this moving and festive journey, full of poetry, charm and banter with a superb team of musicians!

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Mademoiselle Joséphine




album Joséphine“ON ZE ROAD”


A dream that can come true!


Since 3 years, I dream to make an original album (14 tracks) around the character of Miss Josephine and invite 8 musicians of the jazz scene as well as several singers, friends and people I met while performing! With the desire to give this album a poetic atmosphere peculiar to these unusual encounters in the streets, festivals, village parties and other unlikely places!




We record mostly in the studio, but also at the Home of Lindens in St Gilles / Brussels for 2 songs with a group of seniors.

It will be called Josephine "on ze road" since it will reflect a "Josephine" meeting multiple / different worlds who crossed her path.


This album Josephine "on ze road" will revive those old French songs that we all have in our mind and wake up our memories with absolutely original arrangements. It will be a way to share those beautiful moments of life with those who, throughout the world (dream a little, dream a lot!) do not have the extraordinary opportunity (isn’t it?) to be present at my performances where the audience is swept up in an emotion without borders!





Miss Josephine sings and enchants, with sparkling eyes, “flower full” hair and this little lipstick that suits her so well. She leads us happily through poetry and song melodies “of another century", which sticks to the skin, through a directory of the ‘30s until today! She loves to sing about love, the happy days with their uncertainties and their illusions, their sorrows and dreams, and those stories that cross all of us. She also enjoys encouraging people to sing, to dance and to dare


An irresistible and touching character, "all terrain" and for all age groups, radiant with joyous energy, to the delight of young and old, as well as the "elderly", wandering with her accordion and simply singing. With Josephine, I can go to meet the “walkers” and all those audiences who may not visit the theaters. She involves them, sharing with them the pleasure of direct and acoustic contact, the vibration of a glance, in short: emotions...


Thanks to this album, Josephine will capture those beautiful moments of the street to brighten your living rooms! And the dream will come true!!



© Jean-Paul Carlier


An album full of surprises, with different formulas: with a quartet "gypsy jazz", quintet "Jazz 30s", duo voice / sax, duo voice / accordion, in vocal duet ... or a cappella, a poem narrated ...


With a great team of musicians:


The surprising and surreal group of Gypsy jazz  "TROTSKY TULSKY"


Serge Vandiepenbeek, guitar

Antoine Renard, guitar

Pierre Spataro, tenor sax / clarinet

Damien Campion, bass

Dommage à Django full albumBecause Noël


The splendid jazz pianist MATHIEU DE WIT, “’30s jazz "arrangements


Serge Vandiepenbeek, guitar

Pierre Spataro, tenor sax / clarinet

Damien Campion, bass

And two "surprise guests" on drums and trumpet!


The fantastic accordionist THIBAULT DILLE, accordion / voice duo


And also:


The graceful voice of AMANDINE PIASECZNY

The warm voice energy of ALEX DOCKMAN and MICHEL VAN MUYLEM , "Mr SOUPAPE"

The enthusiastic participation of the Résidence" LES TILLEULS", St Gilles, Bxl

With the generous participation of friend (s) who will offer me their "choir" on some songs.


Our wonderful technical team:


Our meticulous and dedicated CEDRIC PLISNIER at studio Pyramide in Beersel

Our lovely and talented graphic designer and illustrator:  MARINE DOMEC and our favorite photographer: YVES KERSTIUS, for the cover and booklet "carnet de route"!




Where does Miss Josephine come from?


Miss Josephine, that’s me, Pascale Delagnes. She’s the result of fifteen years of shows on the street and on stage. She sings for you for almost 4 years.


I started singing 15 years ago with the "Cie des Tortues Enragées", a poetic cabaret, in a clown-like and musical duo with Cristel Vander Stappen. Very quickly, I also created my own song project as an author, composer and performer.

Two albums have been published: "Ma petite robe Rouge" in 2006 and "Salut à toi" in 2011.


In 2009, I joined the "BELCH 'QUARTET", jazz creation meeting the Belgian repertory in its linguistic diversity from Adamo to Stromae passing by Brel, Wannes Vandevelde, Hooverphonic, Arno, etc.


After ten years of shows and adventures, “la Cie des Tortues Enragées” closes. My project "Pascale Delagnes trio” and the" Belch Quartet " fulfill me musically, but I miss the streets! Determined to sing closer to people, I take my street character and create Miss Josephine. Since then, she runs the festivals of Wallonia and France with her accordion, her voice and a repertoire consisting mainly of covers of old French songs. Their melodies and poetry continue to make people sing across generations and beyond borders.



With Josephine, I can go to meet the “walkers” and all those audiences who may not frequent the theaters. It involves sharing with them the pleasure of direct and acoustic contact, the vibration of a glance, of a voice, in short: emotions ...


"Allez-viens, j' t' emmène danser

Au rythme des valses ensorcelées

Des javas bleues, rouges, vertes

De la poésie dans les cheveux et de la joie dans les yeux!






Here are some songs from different albums, with my own songs, and with the jazz band Belch'Quartet. If you want more:




Waar dient de collecte voor


What will the fund-raising be used for?


This creation is only possible with your support.


If each and every one of you participates within its means, or just shares this project with its contacts, we can go around the world and get what we need to make this album!


This album will allow you to continue to listen and vibrate on these beautiful timeless songs, to continue to live this realistic French music that persists in a marginal network but tends to disappear with our century.


It will also give the opportunity to the voice of Miss Josephine to move from the street to a physical medium, with a color created for the occasion, and to be disseminated more widely.

Finally, it will support a broadcasting of Miss Josephine solo but also to develop a broadcasting project in duo, trio, quartet, quintet, big band (and why not?), in other regions fond of French songs . Yes, some continents still swoon for the French language, where, here, it tends to be set aside.


For Miss Josephine to be also Señorita Josefina, Miss Josephine or 小姐 Joséphine, we need 4000 €


The total cost of the making of this album is 6400 € which is a huge challenge. Here, of course, we are appealing to you for only part of the realization.


Here in detail the items to be financed:


- Recording studio rental / musician / sound engineering: 2800 €

- Mixing: 750 €

- Mechanical Reproduction Rights (SABAM): +/- € 400

- Artwork (photos / drawings + graphics): 500 €

- Mastering: + - € 450

- Pressing 500 + CD digipack + 12p booklet: +/- € 1,500

- Committee KissKissBankBank costs: 320 €


If the requested amount of € 4,000 is exceeded, we obviously use the surplus to pay for some of the other posts.


If luckily the amount of € 6,400 is exceeded, we will take a video clip "live" on the streets in Brussels, inviting you to attend, in flesh and bone, singing, dancing, and doing various figurations for those who can move to Brussels and through images via skype for others.


And parallel to the clip, Josephine commits to buy a cow (or more) to support a village in Bangladesh via the Friendship Association.


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