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<p><strong>MANGO DREAM</strong>&nbsp;is an innovative Franco &ndash; Cambodian music project with the group MEZCAL JAZZ UNIT and three musicians from CAMBODIAN LIVING ARTS in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.</p><p><img width="100%" alt="" src="" /></p><p><strong>Christophe Azema</strong>&nbsp;(saxophones)&nbsp;<br /><strong>Phan Chamroeun</strong>&nbsp;(tro che, kloy)&nbsp;<br /><strong>Lun Chumnith&nbsp;</strong>(kse diew, troy)&nbsp;<br /><strong>Jean Marie Fr&eacute;d&eacute;ric&nbsp;</strong>(guitar)&nbsp;<br /><strong>Emmanuel de Gouvello&nbsp;</strong>(bass)&nbsp;<br /><strong>Alexandre Scarpati&nbsp;</strong>(trombone)&nbsp;<br /><strong>Daniel Solia&nbsp;</strong>(drums)&nbsp;<br /><strong>Sour Vanna&nbsp;</strong>(roneat ek)</p><p><strong>Elizabeth Riley&nbsp;</strong>(management)</p><p>The repertory combines original compositions and Khmer traditional melodies arranged for the ensemble. The compositions and arrangements are by Emmanuel de Gouvello, the artistic director of the project.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Mango Dream has been created in Cambodia in 2016 and in France in 2017. Next tour will be in Cambodia, indecember 2018 around the Jazz Festival of Phnom Penh.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>This project was made possible by grants from the SPEDIDAM and the CNV in 2016 &amp; 2017 and by FCM for&nbsp;the recordings session.</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>The collected funds will be used to achieve&nbsp;the making of the CD. If we collect more, it will be usefull for our next tour in Cambodia in december 2018.</p>



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Here we are! A real CD in a nice digisleeve packaging. You want it? Get it!

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You get the CD & an extra SP Cd (4 tracks). Lucky you, it's a collector!

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You get this time 3 CDs "Mango Dream" + the extra 4 tracks CD. But you get also a DVD of "Mango Dream" in concert, filmed by a Laurent Haubin. Or if you prefer, 5 CDs "Mango Dream" + the extra 4 tracks CD.

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You get 4 CDs "Mango Dream", the SP Cd (4 tracks), the DVD. You also get the CD "Tim Gio" , a re-issue edition of a vietnamese-french collaboration which was out of stock since 2010. Or you may prefer to have 7 CDs "Mango Dream" + the SP Cd (4 tracks). It's up to you.

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You get 4 CDs "Mango Dream", the SP Cd (4 tracks), the DVD, the "Tim Gio" re issue CD. And the last 3 albums recorded by Mezcal Jazz Unit, this last years: Thirteen Moons, Ici & Ailleurs, Shantu. Or you may prefer to have 10 CDs "Mango Dream" + the SP Cd (4 tracks) + the DVD

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The band comes from Cambodia and from France to perform at your place. Yes we can! And of course, you also get the other presents.

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