Map your stories : vos anecdotes en plan de métro pour un cadeau unique

Give a group present that marks the occasion by customizing a subway map with your stories and anecdotes.

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Map your stories : vos anecdotes en plan de métro pour un cadeau unique

Finding THE birthday present !


The Map your stories concept is born at the occasion of the 30th birthday of a friend.


Juliette Guigue was looking for an ideo of a present that would be original, unique, personalized and if possible collaborative to bring together friends and family. She had the idea of a subway map that would retrace her friend’s life, with anecdotes, nicknames, shared stories with all of us and to print the map on a t-shirt. 


As the present made all participants and the receiver happy, she decided to create the solution that allows each of us to easily create our own subway maps to make nice presents. 





A customisable subway map.


Each subway map is customizable. You define key words and associate to them with stories.


With Map your, you can invite your friends, family and colleagues to build the map with you.

Everyone submits their ideas to create a real collaborative gift. Once your map finalized, you can edit it in several ways, create a web publication, print it on a poster, t-shirt, mug or cotton bag. We adapt your map to the gift format chosen. 


The service of maps creation is free, whatever the number of participants or maps created. The customer orders his map’s edition on formats and it is delivered. 





A sustainable development way. 


Here at map your stories, we like to tell nice stories while being a sustainable actor. That means that we have selected for you providers and products on ecological and social criteria.


A beta version is launched in february 2015 to validate the concept !


After 6 months of preparation and development, the beta version is online. It’s not perfect but gets to the point. The goal is to test the concept with potential customers, adjust it.  


If the concept is well liked, it will be possible with your help getting funding to improve and develop the site on a technical level and commercial levels.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The fund raising will allow :

·        To make the concept known

·        To validate interest in the concept

·        To provide equity capital to get a loan to create the company and develop the solution. 


The development priorities are :

·        The creation of the company (today the activity is supported by a business incubator : the G.E.A.I)

·        Improvement of technical functionalities, its ergonomics and so make the site easier to use to attract new customers.

·        The web presence of Map your stories to increase sales and to present a wider range of prices and products.  




The 5.000 € (minimum target and a nice one to start) will be used to get a 10 000 € bank loans.

If the croundfounding operation exceeds the minimum target, the budget will be invested in developing the website and marketing. 


The 15 000 € will be dedicated to:

- The starting capital of the company (7 500 €). The amount of capital will then be spent on to the following expenses.

Improvement of the beta solution (ergonomics and functionality) : 5 000 €.

- English version (website and solution) : 2 000 €.

- Buying inventory of printing formats to get discounts from the printers and so improve the margin: 2 000 €.

- Web referencing : referencing on specialized websites (gifts), consultancy for digital marketing 150 €/month.

- Modular stand for events, festivals: 700 €.

- web marketing campaigns (targeted): 2 000 €.

- Rent for a coworking space to work in a collaborative way and keep up the motivation! 80 €/ month

- Contribution to overhead costs of the company (inssurances, bank fees, independent accountant): 4 500 €.

- Contribution to create a cash flow to face the potential seasonality of the activity and help the start of the activity. 

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