Mariage Afro: Faites éclore la première plateforme d'organisation des mariages Afro en France...

Be among those who have allowed the outbreak of the First Afro wedding web platform, that will bring together service providers and grooms.

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Mariage Afro: Faites éclore la première plateforme d'organisation des mariages Afro en France...





Because in France, they exist and are hidden: Thousands of talented hairdressers, designers, choreographers, florists, DJ's, makeup ...with the best quality/ price relationship. Because in France, they exist and are quiet, millions of grooms whose only stress is how to find service providers who can convert their modest Wedding budget in deepest African Carnival. Because in France, they exist and are blocked, and multiple brands of cosmetics, handbags, lingerie and fashion that so far have not been able to find a channel through which to reach the millions of potential Afro customers living in France. MARIAGE AFRO is the first thematic web platform that will bring together bride and groom and their knowledge(friends, family, guests ...), service providers(hairdressers, decorators, caterers, limousine rental...) and advertisers (Cosmetics, fashion, perfume).


2) What is MARIAGE AFRO?




MariageAfro is a web platform that links service providers (hairdressers, makeup artists, caterers, DJ, Florists, Photographers  ...etc.), advertisers (Cosmetics, fashion, perfume..etc).and users in order to help them better organize their weddings and other events...


In reaching this decision: We noted the growing number of mixed and African marriages(African-European) held in France each year, about 50000 per year. We have seen a significant growth of the African immigrant population in France, since in recent years.


3) MARIAGEAFRO: The History




As an engineer and initiator of this project, I have not broken with audiovisual production, my first job. Most of my weekends, I make wedding films in all communities across France. This passion allows me not only to discover the French socio-cultural diversity, but also listening to the same complaints and the same regrets from organizers in  Afro community: "If we had the facility to contact a specialist /hair/wedding venue/ DJ...would have been better than that !!!".Ironically the best service providers I meet complain about not being sufficiently known ..


4) The services offered by MARIAGE AFRO:




1) The linking of service providers and customers (bride and groom)

2) The promotion of the service providers and partners (Florists, jewelers, caterers, decorators, etc.)

3) Video tutorials of hairstyles and Afro cooking, and video reports on Afro talents.

4) A "Wedding List", including a "Blog-customized" to help them organize their events and easily collect their gifts, coming from anywhere in the world.


MARIAGE AFRO Vision: France is the first step before the conquest of other European countries: UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal...


5) Project Status: The development is spread over 04 stages:


Stage 1: design and prototype development. This has significantly advance, thanks to "thousands of hours" of work and support from experienced providers (SLAP DIGITAL,DLN CREATION, La petite Etoile and Image House) for deliver the platform's Design.




Join us on our social pages; you'll love the designs!!!





Stage 2: Starting the viable minimum service(VMS)




"We feel great, but we start small"... ..

Strategically, we left on this logic because we believe we need to start slowly and surely by launching viable Minimum Service: Linking users and providers/partners. This crucial stage for each start-up requires skill and dexterity for maximum quality content. Having only approximate editorial skills in this area, we humbly have recourse to experts in the field, who will help us during these months of launch.


But experts!!!It costs the price!!! This is why we need your support.


Stage 3: Launching of the wedding list .

This launch s conditioned by the launch of the Stage 1 and Stage 2


Stage 4: Launching of the video platform

This launch is conditioned by the launch of Stage3


6) Why did we need your support?




Because Mariage Afro enters in an unexplored niche market: millions of Afro and mixed population in France. Because Mariage Afro launched by competent and experienced players:


Founders :


Erik TAMNO KAKE : Founder Chairman of Mariage Afro.

Linkedin :





Ben KAKE: COO & Director General of Mariage Afro.

Linkedin :






Benjamin Blachère : Founder of SLAP DIGITAL ( )

Linkedin :





Jérémy JORON : Designer et Developper

Linkedin :





 We have a small gift for your support ....




Waar dient de collecte voor

Your generous contributions will be used to:


Finalize the contents of the platform and some needs, to start:


1) Honorary of consulting firm in Editorial strategy: To determine the main lines of editorial content tailored to MariageAfro and meet the needs of its clients:

Benefit amount= €1500


2) Production of MariageAfro’s communication media (presentation brochure, price, business card...products and services presentation)

Benefit amount= € 1500


3) Finalizing the development of the platform to move the model to the final version. Benefit amount= € 2,000


4) Gifts +Kiss KissBankBank’s Commission Amount= € 1500

Total amount: € 6500


In case your generous contributions exceeds € 6,500, they will be used to finance the purchase of a professional video shooting unit (Mac3 5DCamera, tripod, lights, microphones, etc..).

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