Who has ever dreamed of a Love Trial ? Here’s an urban tale without concession about the intertwining of love and revenge among gay men.

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Lucas, an unlucky romantic is approached by a serial seducer named Victor who promises him the moon. Disappointed and having been cheated on once again, Lucas decides to take revenge...



Carlota González-Hontoria, first assistant director, the director David San Juan and François Carlier the chief operator


Statement of Intent of David San Juan, director


“ It’s an urban tale, a meeting between two guys that will enhance two opposite facets of the same goal: fulfilling loneliness framed within the evolution of moral values through the new ways of communication.

An encounter that will turn sour.


This short movie is also a wink to the Ideal Love that’s having a hard time entering the new millennium (by missing its technological transition).

A struggle, that eternal romantics will never give up.


The actors AntojO and Nicolas Louis with the make up artist Cyrill Butignol 

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Production costs:


              € 600  → management

              € 500  → material

              € 200  → insurance

              € 200  → transport


Post production costs :


              € 400  → image and sound editing

              € 550  → studio renting and standardisation


The photo shoot "Máscaras" by Antoine De Winter


If you support us with min. 100 euros, you can receive one numbered and signed photography. Select the picture that touches you the most among the following patchwork.





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Máscaras is a human odyssee led by a team whose passion will take it to its furthest distribution : festivals, digital sharings, private and public shows.


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Crowdfunding, to confirm that the union makes us strong and money has never to be on the way of creation. See you soon at the premiere,


The movie team.


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