Me, Myself & I

Hamlet made the world at his own image and none of his doubles dares to rebel. The invocation of Cowboy by Brad Pitt may change everything!

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Me, Myself & I

                           "When the King's away, the doubles shall play!"


The Project


A "demo tape" for actors is a compilation of several personal images aimed at giving a brief insight into what they can do.


Based on that principle, I imagined a story in which I express several facets of my personality: the result was 8 different characters.


The film is a reflection about ego, others and personal achievement. 


From the first words written in December 2012, it took a further 18 months of incubation and encounters for the project to see the light of day .


The finishing line is now in sight, and I'm turning to you, on the internet, and asking for your help since you are an essential step towards implementation.


The Team


Director / Actor : Vincent CAPPONI 


After film studies in Brussels from 2001 to 2005, I left for New York where I worked as an assistant director till 2008. I then followed a theatrical course in Nice, subsequently joining the 2nd year of the Cours Florent in Paris in 2009, followed by Workshop of Jack Waltzer (Actors Studio). After 4 plays, touring in Paris and Mexico, 3 Avignon festivals, some advertising work and a few short films I am now drawing on all this past experience to start my own projects, and this film is the first result.


Actor : Max GELLER


Max has developed as an actor by studying at the "Laboratoire de l'acteur", followed by Jack Waltzer's workshop, a life member of the Actors Studio. He recently appeared alongside Patrick Chesnais and François Berléand in "12 ans d'âge", a comedy by Frédéric Proust. He will soon be directing his first short film entitled "Un temps pour elle", a poetic drama dealing with life in prison.


Director of Photography : Adrien L’HOMMEDÉ



Editor: Igor PEJIC


Convinced that a director needs to be familiar with all the techniques and work related to cinema and films, he started life as an assistant producer, director, worked on assembly and other jobs before concentrating on directing in 1997, with 5 globally successful short films, ads, clips and several institutional films. He has been approached by the advertising world but prefers to concentrate on his own projects, documentaries and films.


Set Pictures


The Sof'Bar*



Adrien looked upon Human kind & said: "Let there be light!" - And there was light...



Max "Cowboy" GELLER: "You talking to me?!"



Inner Peace*



More Inner Peace!



Benj' "SlideMan" CHABEAU



Find your inner Geïsha*



Or your Tic!



Gaël "The Masked Rocker" GUEGUIN



Olivier "The Engineer" ROUX



Esra "Wonder*Woman" OLCAYCAN - Bow*



Sebastian MARC also found his inner Geïsha!



No Sebastian, this is not a door!



Laure DEVUYST - Make Up Artist, Helping Hand, Kindness and Good-Humored, what else?!



Elise "Super" RESTIF - She stitches your life, get it?!



Thereupon friends...



...Bon Appétit!! 


Waar dient de collecte voor

                                3 Days filming for a team of 16 people


Participation in Filming Costs:


Pictures Department ______________________________________ 500€  

Sound Department _______________________________________ 400€  

Accessories / Costumes / Set / Make-Up  ____________________ 400€  

Production Team  ________________________________________ 400€  

Location ________________________________________________ 300€    



Participation in Post Production Costs:


Editing & Sound Editing / SFX / Sound Mixing / Calibration ______ 1500€  


TOTAL __________________________________________________ 3500€


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