Metalbanger, l'art de la violence

KissKissBankBank is a participative financial platform based on donations and compensation. If you are interested in the project, you may participate in its implementation and you will be compensated as a function of your donation. At this point in time, I have personally financed a few interviews myself (to make a promotional teaser). Metalbanger, the Art of Violence is an original concept mingling interactivity and immersion in the Metal universe. The project, deigned both for the web and television, aims to reveal the hidden side of a little-known or poorly-known culture, often described using a collection of derogatory clichés. Metal is often seen as a social threat, but it is still a very popular musical genre despite it being perceived with wariness.

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Hans Lucas ondersteunt het project: Metalbanger, l'art de la violence

Metalbanger, l'art de la violence

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