Milos Unplugged (pop folk) - Awakening - Nouvel Album !

Help Milos unplugged release his new album "Awakening" and support the deaf and hard of hearing association "Rythme 'n' Signes"

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Milos Unplugged (pop folk) - Awakening - Nouvel Album !

New ! live session movie clip. "The Ending" another track of "Awakening" 






My latest project, Milos Unplugged began in 2006 and have released three albums to date. The second album «Mountain People of the Desert - 2008» was met with critical acclaim.

After 3 years of hard work i am ready to release a brand new album: Awakening.  It talks about our different states of mind and the human condition.




I’ve had the chance to work with many talented and lovely musicians, for me collaborating is an integral part of the musical process.


Having worked with M. Botibol, Collectif Iceberg and Squeeze Me I Squeak on previous albums, for Awakening, I wanted to collaborate with the very talented group The Cocktail Bananas, Shekinah Gatte and Thomas Drouart two great personalities on the Bordeaux jazz scene, Mathias Agbokou master percussionist from Benin, and Mathieu Hauquier (he has played with Petit Fantôme, Botibol, François and the Atlas Mountains…).



Through the process of recording Awakening i had the pleasure of meeting Sylvanie Tendron, member of "Rythme 'n' Signes", an association for the deaf and hard of hearing in Bordeaux. It came clear to us that we had to work together on this beautiful project and so we made the video for God Spell, signed  in LSF (french sign language).


I need you, dear Kiss Kiss Bank Bankers, to help me finish the production of Awakening!!





AWAKENING track listing  

1. SULTAN (4'52)

2. LONELYNESS (4'00)

3. GOD SPELL (3'17)

4. DIG (3'38)

5. LORITA (3'23)

6. YOU BE A MAN (2’50)

7. JUNGLE (4'11)

8. WALL OF SHAME (4'41)

9. COMPASSION (4'27)

10. ENDING (3'15)

11. CRASHED (5'10)


Recorded by Jonathan Reig at Kitchen Studios

Mixed by Jonathan Reig  at One Two Pass It Recording Studios

Mastering to be completed by Glob Audio by Alexis Bardinet

Artwork by Dreego


Musicians who performed on AWAKENING are:


Milos Ares Asian Teran - acoustic & electric guitars and vocals

Hugo Berruet - drums

Mathieu Hauquier - trumpet, euphonium, bugle, glockenspiel and vocals

Henri Caraguel - lap steel guitar, electric guitar and vocals

Julien Perugini - Bass and vocals

Jessica Astrid Bachke - violin and vocals

Roman Delperier - cello

Shekinah Rodz - saxophone and vocals

Mathias Agbokou - tama, congas and cowbells

Thomas Drouart - pianino

Willian Dowling - vocals

Daisy Turner - vocals

Mariouka Jurilli - vocals

Peter Richardson - harmonica






Waar dient de collecte voor

I’m launching this campaign in order to make the production of Awakening possible for Milos Unplugged

Rythmes’n’Signes have joined this project in order to make my music accessible by all.



> Already financed: Recording sessions + mixing : 1000 €


> Still to be financed :


- Mastering – 1200 €

- Vinyl Duplication  – 1800 €

- Promotion & distribution – 580 €


A total of 3580 to be raised by 15th October.

45 days to crowd fund.


Firstly, I need to gain enough to finish the production of the album, and If we exceed our goal :


> 3580 € or more Donation made to the association Rhythmes’n’Signes.

> 4000 € or more : Pay the musicians for their hard work on the project.

> 6000 € or more : Will go towards the production of more videos and albums.




Because my belief in you is so strong, the release party is already organised!


Milos Unplugged, Guaka, Soul Revolution, The lost Meridian, exhibitions and video projections, Vicious Soul (DJ set)

€8 entry with complimentary copy of the Awakening CD.

27th November 2015 - 7pm

iBoat, Bordeaux






To make this happen, I need your help. Support my project and/or share the link amongst yourselves. Milos Unplugged has a new album, let it be known, it must live!


If the goal isn’t met, the collection is returned to the contributors, the album with stay on my desk, and with Rhythm’n’Signes, we would have done all this for nothing.


We’re counting on you! Merci!




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