MINIATUS 4tet (album)

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MINIATUS 4tet (album)



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Benoit BAUD : alto, soprano saxophones

Frédéric D'OELSNITZ : piano, Fender Rodhes

Basile MOUTON : double bass

Stéphane FOUCHER : drums








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MINIATUS begins with the meeting of three seasoned Rhone-alpine musicians gathered by drummer Stéphane FOUCHER.:

Stéphane FOUCHER (drummer), Benoit BAUD (saxophonist) and Basile MOUTON (double bass).

After a first disc in trio and a few concerts, the three comperes called the pianist named Frédéric D'OELSNITZ to form a quartet. The music came naturally and took a common direction. The four musicians share a common sense of space and time, maintain a delicacy of sound, a melodic sensibility and the taste of creative risk that allow them to release a true originality. They record a second disc in quartet "Live at the RHINO JAZZ Festival" then decide in May 2016 to record at the "Crescent Jazz Club" of Mâcon (France) a more successful album, completely self produced, composed of a brand new repertoire with a sound recording and a Mix realised " " by Stéphane FOUCHER.


As we have always said, the music of Miniatus comes to life in the moment, the expression and the unknown .... »


The quartet develops a game of great freedom, always in search of adventure. The warm sound of the saxophone by Benoit BAUD, marked by an inspired phrasing reveals all his expressive richness. The music flourishes constantly, carried by the lines of solid double bass, bewitching and groovy by Basile MOUTON and illuminated by the power, intensity and experience of the drumming of Stéphane FOUCHER. The compositions reveal their depth and richness by the presence of Frédéric OELSNITZ, who develops at the piano and Fender Rodhes an amazing personnal accompaniment and always fresh and erudite solos.







As the title says "MEAN THINGS" is an album that simply reflects the emotions experienced.

His message is generous, without artifice, in search of freedom and transmission.

The repertoire brings together compositions by Benoit Baud and Basile Mouton in the colours Without Borders.

MINIATUS 's language is open, engaged and poetic conveys you in a contrasting universe that invites everyone's soul to enrich this adventure.


1. BUD BUG (B. Baud)


2. MIN TO MIN (B. Baud)


3. HINDY POP (B. Baud)


4. BY THE WAY (B. Mouton)






7. LOUP ALPHA (B. Mouton)


8. YOKO BLUES (B. Baud)


9. RETENUE (B. Baud)


Produced by Benoit BAUD, Stéphane FOUCHER and Basile MOUTON.

Recorded at the Crescent Jazz Club in Mâcon (France) on 12-13 May 2016.

Recorded and mixed by Stéphane FOUCHER at home and mastered by David RABHI at the Polycarpe's studio.



Below are 2 audio tracks that will appear on the album so Please listen !!




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At the moment, the disc is recorded, mixed and mastered.

There is only one step left and we need your support for this album to be born in good conditions.





-At the end of the collection, we get more than the amount hoped for so much better because we will have more ways to promote this music, make it visible and consider the release of an upcoming album.

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We offer donors help us to fund only part of this album


-Make the disc in CD format (500 or 1000 ex) and ensure its commercial distribution.

-Remunerate those who contributed to the realization of the object (graphic designer, photographer, sound engineer ...).

-Ensure the launch of the album and its media coverage by using the services of a press officer.



We have chosen the Crownfounding (participatory financing) because it enables artists to better control their project and mobilizes music lovers in a responsible approach that promotes direct relationship with artists.

By providing your support to us now, you will allow this disc to go out without taking unnecessary risks to the artists and you will receive the disc in preview, among other counterparts offered to your support.That is why we are appealing to your generosity.

Thanks to the Crescent Jazz Club, Stéphane BALLOUHEY (vidéaste), David RABHI (sound engineer), Patrick GALDEANO (graphic Designer), Thibaud CHEVALIER (photographer), and all those who made this album possible.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.

We need you to have our artistic project alive now and in the future ...



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