MiniTransat 2019 - EllesAimentlaMer !

A sailboat, a Women, a Race, and Adventure to share !

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MiniTransat 2019 - EllesAimentlaMer !

The MiniTransat is a crazy and very serious adventure ! Founded in 1972 it's a Transatlantic  race called "Mini" because it's sailed on the smallest offshores boats. Solo handed, without assistance neither communication, it's a peak for sailors ! During about 30 days of navigation, splitted in two legs, it starts from La Rochelle, toward Martinique, with a stop in Canarias Islands.

The MiniTransat represents a rear occasion to face power and wilderness of nature and to prove force of humans with an entire humility and simplicity !
Because the constraints are tough, it creates powerfull situations, uniques paths and histories, sportwise and humanwise. 

 I am a young women photographer, capturing the intensity of sailors, seaworld, and peoples at work in general is my passion.
I didn't grew up close to the seaside, but since i met the boats 4 years and a half ago, I was immediately cautgh. I gave all my time to learn how to sail. Sailing energize me ! With the MiniTransat I am launching one great adventure of my life.

Among a thousand of men sailors who sailed the MiniTransat, less than 80 are women. Being one of them will be a huge honnor ! For that reason, the project is called "Theylove thesea" ( with female conjugaison in french ) as a balance to the website of my photography I created called "" with male conjugaison in french).

I the beginning, I was pretty shy on races, there was so much to assimilate ! One year and and a couple of thousands milles later, with intensive training, I now my boat companion very well, I am faster than ever ! I know my limits and want to push them further . I will give everything ! 


 "SOLEY" number 890, is the name of my faithfull buddy. That means " sun" in creole language.
Like all the "Mini 6.50" boats that part to the MiniTransat, she is 6,50 meters length for 3 meters wide and weight less than 1 ton. She is a nutshell, but very strong, unsikable, and however very fast ! She can wear about 200 meters of sails ! I have to tame the beast who is everytime ready to leap and surf !

We have the goal to overtake our speed record : 17,5 kts ! 

To be light and go fast, SOLEY accepts onboard only the vital necessery :

  • One unique room of 2m3
  • No kitchen, only a camping stove and dry food.
  • No fridge, off course.. 
  • No bathroom, shower, neither WC ( like in wildside camping )
  • No bed, but a big light cushion, and sails bags to sleep on, naps of 30 min max 
  • full equiped on electronic sensors and calculators to help the autopilot to steer when I am sleeping.
  • Without communication, no GSM, no computeur, no sattelite communications, paper charts and VHF radio only ! 


Waar dient de collecte voor

One at sea, in this powerfull and wild desert, the necessities are reduced to minimum. We sail using free energies : sun, wind and swell. 

I spent all my savings to train during 1 year and a half and passing all the steps and doors to qualify to the race. First Goal is Succesfull !!! 

Today, I really need your help and financial support to cross the Atlantic. 
Two beautyfull associations and technichals sponsors have joined me, but I miss funds to take the departure. 

I will feel so proud to wear all your names and your colors ! 



Your funds will be especially a very special help for:

  • 2500€ The registration of the MiniTransat race. 
  • 6000€ The cargo ticket to ship back SOLEY.
  • 3000€ For the insurrance of the boat.
  • 4000€ The methanol cell who powers the batteries and all instruments.


I am available and will be pleased to answer any of your questions and curiosity  ! 
By advance, strongly I thank you a lot ! 


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