Mobilier Design / Milan Design WEEK 2017

Help our little factory to produce two furnitures witch will be presented at the DESIGN WEEK of Milan 2017

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Mouvement Colibris

Mobilier Design / Milan Design WEEK 2017






Who ?



The story of this project is the story of us. There are two years in Politectnico di Milano’s bench ,we « . -  TATAR Sebile and RENAUD Corentin – promise us to come back to hung around in the capital of Design, to execute what we learned there .


Inspiration of design is reflected in both the materials qualities and the simplicity of shape. This is how we imagine the two pieces that we would realize with your support. 




How ?



After have submitted as a team on a « visual » in October, we have had the great pleasure to be selected for the exposition of the Design Week of MILAN 2017.  Our team name is COSE ( which is the contraction of our two names), meaning «  things » in Italian.



( Copy of the mail confirmation of the organisation of the Design Week ) 




Where, When ?






The Design Week of Milan 2017 take place between the 4th and 9 April. The exposition is going to be in Lambrate area ,in a restored former factory at the 1 via privata Oslavia, MILANO





Literally at the OFF , the Lambrate Area, is the discover and new tendency area.  



( Picture of the 2016 edition )




Whatitis ?





At the Design Week, two things


A chair, and a table.  


Table-1484524718ATTACHED COFFEE TABLE ( model protected )




FRAME-CHAIR model protected )


In each of the design ,we attached them at the purity of the line and at the geometric simplicity.


We think that the Design doesn't need to follow fashion, because the Design we would promote answers to utility , and to the simple functionality of what it made it for and to what it will be always made it for.


In this direction, our position is on the ecologic way. Creating combination of resistant materials which answer no everybody' needs in the time, this is why we started to create.


We choose to produce those pieces according our native countries ( France / Turkey ) , the chrome structure of the table and the copper structure of the chair and the its cushions come from France. The marble « emotion » comes from Turkey. The assemblage of all those elements will be done in Italy .








If we won the right to participed we to this avanture, we are actually not able to finance it. The campaign KISS KISS BANK BANK will serve us to creat thos two protected models ( INPI ).  That’s why we are looking for help, from you , to realize this incredible dream .




Waar dient de collecte voor

What will serve the collecte ?

Realize 1 prototype of each element, a chair and a coffee table.



Coffee Table – Estimated cost :  750 euros 


Chair – Estimated cost : 800 euros 


Transportation – Estimated cost : 400 euros



Participation for the design Week


Cost :  1500 euros



Creation of the society COSE if over 100 %


Cost :  1000 euros



Commission KissKissBankBank and goodies


8 % of the collect means 350 euros and 700 euro of goodies



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