Help up to associate Korean tradition to Parisian fashion in a "Made in Korea" highend ready-made clothes brand for woman

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The Hanbok


The Hanbok is a traditional costume present on Koguryo Kingdom period frescos (37 BC - 668). It is composed by a jacket and a dress for women (a trouser for men), the colours of the garments was different depending on the social class.


Since the 60s, the Hanbok is only worn for special occasions such as weddings. The length of the dress and the general range of the costume make this garment not easy to wear for everyday life.






ARIRANG Skirt / Dress :


- 100% Korean flax.

- Colours : Water melon fresh, Midnight blue, Cream, Langud lavender.

- Unique size.

- Made in South Korea.

- 180€.






Mon Hanbok


I am a Korean young creator graduated from Studio Berçot fashion school. I was born in Seoul and I came in France 5 years ago to continue my fashion course and discover European lifestyle.

Korean traditional costume lover, I always dreamt about bring back Hanbok in active women clothing habits.


My boyfriend supports me in this challenge and looks after plenty of things, from marketing to logistics and include the website of the brand. He is not a fashion expert to say the least, but he learns fast and he is no longer an ongoing terrorist fashion.






Parisian fashion if for me a great inspiration, "chic" and asexual. I have attended other great fashion places such as Barcelona, London and Seoul but I also have noticed the sadness of Parisian colours. This is why I had the idea to create an stylish brand as my adoption city: Paris, and alive as my natal city: Seoul.







100% Korean fabrication: All our garments are designed in Paris and made in Busan, South Korea. The Korea know-how of understanding and production is incomparable. The factory we have chosen is used to work on delicate materials, the employees are very qualified and work in good work conditions



100% Korean fabrics: South Korea is well known for its textile quality. I only have chosen high quality fabrics of noble material: cotton, jeans, flax and silk.










"Mon Hanbok" ARI Sweat-Shirt:


- 100% Korean cotton.

- Colors: Neige, Ciel clair, Pétale de rose et Smoke.

- Available sizes : S - M - L. (Unisex)

- Made in South Korea.

- 130€






Your Hanbok


The collection has been considered to be worn in everyday life. Our garments are adjusted to the active women needs, at work or to go party. The shapes are modern and integer Hanbok elements as a reminder to the Korean traditional spirit.



Discover the unique universe of our creator through 9 original models (19 by including colours). Wear our "full clothes" or combine our creations with your wardrobe, this is up to you!





"Je suis parisienne." AKASIA  T-shirt:


- 100% Korean cotton.

- Available sizes: S, M, L.

- Made in South Korea.

- 80€


ARAN Short:


- 100% Korean flax.

- Front zipper.

- 4 "Mon Hanbok" buttons.

- Available sizes: S, M, L.

- Made in South Korea.

- 150€






Robe ARAM :


- 100% Korean flax et organdy.

- Available sizes: S, M, L.

- Made in South Korea.

- 360€



Waar dient de collecte voor

We already have succeed to finance the prototypes of 2016 Spring-Summer season production. We also have managed to reduce a part of our needed costs , thank to our friends and families help (website, photo shooting, prospecting ...) However, we have to finance the main part of our activity: garments manufacturing. Banks are showing risk-averse for ready-made clothes field, so the 10000€ collected with crowfunding will be used to produce 240 models of our first collection in South Korea and to send the rewards to our KissBankers. These will give us the opportunity to show to our partners the quality and expectancy of this project to the Frenchwomen.


Informations for 240 models:


Fabric purchase = 2725€

Workforce cost = 3270€

Finishing = 1087€

Importation taxes = 1418€


+ Kisskissbankbank Commissions and rewards = 1500€



What about if we overtake our targets? 

This will allow us to reduce to minimum the need of banking financement and then guaranteeing to the creator a total artistic freedom. The total production cost is 42 000€



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