Monteverdi - Océane / Singing in Berlin - Would you help me ?

Help Océane Deweirder to go and sing her first operatic leading role in Berlin !

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Monteverdi - Océane / Singing in Berlin - Would you help me ?


L'incoronazione di Poppea, Monteverdi / Berlin summer 2018


Ottone is a man from the Roman Empire period, who, crazily heart broken will be brought  to kill his beloved Poppea, this terrible woman who prefered him the atrocious Nerone for power. But things are not going to happen this way...


L'incoronazione di Poppea is one of the first opera of our History (1642) written by one of the first opera genious : Claudio Monteverdi.


And I, am a young mezzo soprano aged 25 who has just been selected amongst hundreds of candidates for the most beautiful chance that a young singer can be offered on the path of starting his career : put on a Ist century toga and act Ottone's crazy feelings at the Berlin Opera Academy, this summer.



Berlin Opera Academy ?



This Opera Academy auditions each year across the world in order to cast its summer productions in Berlin.

This experience is a great chance for the first steps of a young singer career, because it includes :

-          The performance of an entire role in a stage opera production, in Berlin, also in front of a large professional audience.

-          An intensive preparation to auditions

-          Masterclasses with world reknowed professionals

-          Mock auditions in front of agents

-          German classes (crucial language to work in the european opera world)

-          Additional concerts throughout the program

-          Meeting professionals and potential futur colleagues or employees


Program duration:  August 4th-31st 2018

More bout Berlin Opera Academy ?



Why is this production going to be incredible ?


The stage direction will be imagined by David Paul, who works at the Juilliard School and the MET's Lindemann program, and also staged at the LA Opera et the Washington National Opera amongst other.

The musical direction will be held by Peter Leonard, guest conductor at the New York Philharmonic Orchestra who has been Artistic director of the Rostock Opera House and Musical Director of the Augsburg Opera House.

The orchestra is composed by young musicians from over the world selected by BOA.

All the singers are young (pretty ;)), nice, from everywhere and potentialy crazy !



Why do I need you ?


Berlin Opera Academy not only is a role opportunity but it also proposes an intense program which is crucial for a young singer debuts and the accomodation on Berlin. The cost of the Academy is 4950 euros.

I asked for a scholarship when I applied and received the "Robert Alexander Niblock Memorial Scholarship" of 2000 euros.

It is a hudge chance to have been selected amongst so many singers, for a leading role in this production which will be led by great professionals. But it is even luckier to have received such a scholarship, because they were very few.

I ask for your support because, being about to finish my studies for which I contracted a student loan, I won't be able to pay for this program by myself.



Why believing in the bask singer?



Winner of the Young Hope Prize and 3rd Prize at the International Singing Comptetition Léopold Bellan in 2017, my singing training has been drawn through Europe (Bayonne and Bordeaux Conservatoires, Florence Accademia Europea ; with Regina Werner-Dietrich in Leipzig; masterclass with Cheryl Studer at the Mozarteum Summer Academy in Salzbourg) until London where I am presently studying in the Advanced Opera Course of Associated Studios.


Because singing is a meeting of the arts, I have been an acting student at the Professional Drama School Jean-Laurent Cochet and trained until 15 hours per week during almost 2 years in ballet and contemporary dance at the Florence Dance Center (Italy).

About swing, let's go to NYC for an intensive musical workshop at the New York Film Academy in 2011.


On stage?

As opera singer, I have been able to perform in France (Dido and Aeneas -1st witch- Tarbes; « Motets Bordelais » St-André Bordeaux Cathedral), in Germany (Junge Oper Schloss Weikersheim, Le Nozze di Figaro - choir and 2nda donna) and in Italy (creation of the opéra MAgiche RIme Arcane -seconda sirena- by Pietro Rigacci at Palazzo Pitti, Florence).

Because, yes ! the singer is a pluridisciplinar artist, I co-create pluridisciplinar performances in Bordeaux (Expérience 23), Florence (Mostra Roberto Puppi; Passaggio) and in the Bask Country (Arthanor).

My most recent experience has been to record for the soundtrack of the movie The Son of Man (Paracas Independant Film) with the composers Jérôme Rebotier and Nicolas Becker.



Many little gestures for Ottone, a big step for Océane !


Many little gestures would allow me a big step towards my career, so, if you like my singing, if my voice touches you, if you believe that a young woman who travelled the world in order to learn how to sing with sould and body can put on a Ist century toga and become a passionate lover, if you believe in my present and my futur, I hug you with all my heart ! And please believe that, I won't forget to thank you also differently in some years. Promess


Project schedule :

Payment Berlin Opera Academy tuition : june 10th 2018

Working sessions with specialized repetitor : june 10th to july 31st 2018

Berlin Opera Academy (rehearsals+ classes) : august 4-31 2018

LIncoronazione di Poppea performance : august 30th or 31st 2018



(Photos credits : Mathias Bracho and Cindy Garcia -they are fantastic-)

Waar dient de collecte voor

I will benefit from all the donations and they will be specificaly dedicated to cover the price of the Academy, to pay the sessions of work preparation with baroque repetitors  :

Indeed, the amount of 3250 euros includes :

-  Ottone's work on set (rehearsal+show)

- masterclasses

- auditions preparation

- mock auditions for agents

- German classes

- Music Business classes (How do german opera houses work ?)

= Program + Accomodation in Berlin : 2950€

- Previous preparation work with specialized baroque repetitors : 300€

If the collect gets over 3250 euros, (woahoo !! Thank you !!) I will use the over-amount in order to help me paying the travel ticket or extra preparation working sessions !


THANK YOU !!!!!!!

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