My Carrot is Cool!

Guess what overcomes any social divide! Support a photography project about a choice for health, pleasure and compassion!

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My Carrot is Cool!

My Carrot is Cool, it's the story of a super carrot that flies across the world! It represents this commitment that an increasing number of people make, all around the world; a commitment that overcomes any social divide: A different, meat-free diet, based on pleasure and compassion.


What is that about?

This project is about something that is happening now. Things are changing and more and more people are wondering whether they should keep on eating meat or not. This is primarily due to awareness of animal cruelty in slaughterhouses, but also to raising questions about the impact of meat production on the environment and on food crisis. In addition, nutritional reasons and public health issues also lead people to reduce meat consumption.


Animal rights legislation and ethical issues concerning animals are increasingly present in the media, in public debates and are thus starting to be unavoidable.


But yes, there are plenty of options and it's possible to contribute to a better world choosing a healthy and scrumptious nutrition!



Things are changing, and for the better! In this context, I wish to develop a photography project, presenting a series of portraits of individuals like you and me, of all ages, countries and horizons, but with a common trait: being vegetarian or vegan for ethical reasons.


I want to find Pedro, the 25 year-old Spanish designer; Jacqueline, the family mother in Brittany; André, the Parisian hipster architect; Laura, the London teacher; Sandra, the young salesperson living in Meaux; Paul the senior Scottish photographer; Marco, the Italian student; Anna, the German stylist; JP, the public officer in Brussels; Erica, the barmaid in Florida; Larry, the lawyer in LA… and many others!


I want to show the real face of vegetarianism today. At a crucial time when so much is changing, you want to know more about what it's really like to be VG and why you decide to be so.



My goal? To show to those that don’t know it yet that, no! vegetarians are not a few marginal belonging to a sect and wearing dreadlocks (well ok, sometimes they wear dreadlocks). Nowadays’ vegetarians represent a large amount of people, coming from different backgrounds. Whether they’re young, old, English, French, Italian, doctors, artists, hipsters, or conservative, etc, they have a common wish: to eat better, to eat healthy and delicious food, all in rejecting an abject system where horror and agony reign.


No matter your age, your nationality, your job, your skin color, your sexual orientation, your religion...

Being veggie is a choice that overcomes all of these social divides! This is the cultural wealth of vegetarianism!


I wish I will go through with this series of portraits and that it will be showed in an exhibition and published in a book, in order to pass the message, to add a small drop to a larger ocean, that of a more reasonable, respectful and balanced world. A more beautiful and righteous world.


A part of the profits made from the sales of the book will be donated to a charity organization.

Waar dient de collecte voor

Who am I and where am I about?

Being a freelance photographer in Europe, I already started my work making lots of portraits here and there, in England, Scotland, and France. But if I want to go through with this project, I have to carry on and shoot in other countries, such as the US. This represents a huge amount of money for me to spend, so I decided to do a fundraiser, to help me go through with this.


Every single donation you will so nicely make, will have its importance. I have set up a goal of 2000 euros, which will help me finance part of the trip. 


If the goal was gone over, it would allow me to go even further in my project, collecting more photos from other cities and countries. The more I will be able to travel, the more I could bring pictures to feed my work, and the more relevant and striking the result will be.


Last but not least, it will help me in the funding of the exhibition and the publication of this work in a book.


So thanks a lot for your generosity and your support!!!




Here is a forecast budget of the expenses this project will imply:


- transports (flight/train)......................   900 euros

- rent of a car (appr. 2 months).......... 1200 euros

- gaz for the car .................................   500 euros

- car insurance ..................................     80 euros

- food for 2 month..............................    500 euros

- expenses for the organisation of the exhibition/....... 850 euros



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