närma, le coworking café « bien-être » à Paris

Help us finance our Desk-Bikes, so that you can work while cycling at närma' coworking café.

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närma, le coworking café « bien-être » à Paris




Hi, I’m Laurent and I am the founder of « närma », which means « move towards (someone) » in Swedish. Närma is a coworking coffee shop which traces its roots back the Swedish working culture. Its purpose is to offer a place to work for the nomadic workers concerned about their wellbeing.






Before returning to France, I spent 11 years abroad, including 9 years in Sweden. As part of my job, I was traveling 3 to 4 days a week in Europe, hence being confronted with the daily constraints of a nomadic working life. This is where the idea was born, to create a place dedicated to the working nomads and their needs.



The emergence of new ways of working


This project is also the consequence of the emergence of new ways of working with the rapid increase of freelancer work and home office. In both cases, the objectives are the same, being able to define its own way of working with the wellbeing as a constant theme.







More than just a coworking space, närma is a user friendly living space with wellbeing in its DNA.






Furniture adapted to different working positions


Närma offers a wide range of sitting positions (chair, armchair, sofa, high stool) and even standing position thanks to a height adjustable table.






Additionally to the wide range of furniture, 2 desk-bikes will be installed which are the subject of this funding request. This very innovative device combines, physical activity with an environmental contribution thanks to a battery which charges mobile phones and tablets when pedalling.



A regular physical activity


Passionate about sport, I consider it as essential to a well-balanced life. This is why I have decided, together with the company Physicare and my good friend Chris who is an experienced coach, to offer once a week in the evening, free of charge, an outdoor cross training pass for my customers.







With a surface area of 95 sqm and a wide glass storefront, närma is taking up residence in a busy street of the 10th arrondissement, only a very short distance from the « République » square.






Scandinavian inspiration and warm colours


The interior design and layout is conducted by the talented interior architect, Peggy ViDEGRAIN, of which the best projects can be seen in Australia and in the US. The selection of natural material, warm colours and scandinavian inspiration contribute to the friendly and welcoming atmosphere.













Simple, non binding, without reservation.


The all-inclusive formula is simple, non-binding and doesn’t request any reservation. You can stay for an hour, a day or more. Customers are charged only for the time they have spent at närma according to fixed rates, regardless of their consumption. In terms of equipment, there is everything you need, very high speed internet, electric sockets, barista coffee and tea (Maison Caron), healthy snacks, all inclusive…







Waar dient de collecte voor




As you have understood, wellbeing plays a central role in my project. While our weekly cross training pass will bring regular physical activity outside the office, other options exist as well, whilst working.



Stay physically active while working


Many studies have shown that being physically active while working improves intellectual capacity, increases productivity and creativity and boost self-confidence. Convinced by these benefits, I wanted to offer a solution to remedy the inactivity at work.






Work while cycling 


In this way, närma will offer the possibility to work while cycling! To do so we have partenered up with the company WeWatt, inventor of desk-bike in Europe.



Have a physical activity and make a contribution to the environment


The objective is twofold, to offer the possibility to have a physical activity while working and contributing to the environment by charging mobile phones and tablets thanks to man power.







We want to install 2 desk-bikes specifically developed for närma. This funding request will therefore cover the purchase of those plus the associated cost.


-       Engineering study

-       2 desk-bikes

-       Delivery cost

-       Installation cost







The full amount of the fund raising will be collected by the company NARMA.


Should the funding exceed the requested amount, the excess will be used to organise sporting events for the customers.

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