Each towel you’ll save we’ll offer to someone in need. You’ll have taken care of a person and of the planet.

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Several years ago, I had the idea of humanising and transforming the electronic agenda so that it could help us to become more aware of how we use our time. I also wanted it to facilitate the success of the projects that matter to us..

In 2010, I undertook developing the MeoTempo life agenda.
It’s a conscious time management app for the iPhone and iPad.

Gertrude, our exquisite and beloved ostrich,
is as a way to remind us that
our time is precious.”. »

Pay her a visit at

By the way, conscious time management is not only a tech thing; it requires abilities of the mind.

The website includes a “Know-How” section which complements the “Product” section. Proposed articles are intentionally short - out of respect for your time.



After devoting more than eight years and a lot of cash to the project, and with the implication of quite a few folks, we are now better tooled to do what matters for us, such as bring our own little contribution to improve the planet.

And we now have this great idea for our very first project: give a 2nd life to hotel towels!

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So, “Towel4u” means...  let’s not throw the towel
out (litterally) or in (figuratively).

Litterally meaning
Nice and perfectly decent towels will find a second use rather than be thrown out. They will be given to shelters (ou “to people in need”).

Figuratively meaning
This small contribution, figuratively speaking, is our way not to throw in the towel as regards the catastrophic environmental situation we are faced with. It’s each small effort that counts to make our small planet clean again. And no, it’s not too late to act!


We contacted Hotel Manoir Victoria, in Québec City, who accepted right away to keep the towels for us.

And I contacted an old pal, Louis — who lives in Québec City —, and he spontaneously and generously accepted to pick up the towels and put them on the plane.

Et voilà, the project was launched!


The first delivery is expected for the beginning of 2019. The towels will be distributed to Iqaluit shelters.

We know that there is a constant need of towels in these shelters that host women who need some breathing space (there’s a shelter for men as well).

By the way, Iqaluit is in the Great Canadian North, close to Santa’s.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The entire funds will be paid over to the Aranatha institute (

There can’t be too much funding for this project. If the target is exceeded (which we hope) there’s a whole lot of other hotels that throw out perfectly decent towels and a whole lot of other folks that would like to offer these a 2nd life. Right now, we can handle up to $10,000 in donations.

* * * * *

And that’s not all. In 2016 we created the Aranatha institute, a non-profit organization with the main mission to

Promote conscious time and resource management.


Let's change the world
by making better choices

Mindfulness-based time management teaching
is funded by the income from MeoTempo sales.

All revenues of MeoTempo sales are paid over to the Institute.

This is the type of project that gets us going and in which we’d like to help:

MeoTempo — that app I told you about earlier — is specifically drawn to organize this kind of stuff. When you think of something you’d like, for example, doing something for the environment, you need to organize its success… and to be able to carry it out in spite of our other commitments, in the complexity of life as it is today.

The project account (in the MeoTempo agenda) will soon be available to the general public. You’ll then be able to follow its every detail … and hopefully, to initiate other small actions.

We hope you’ll jump aboard, and that there’ll be other communities after Iqaluit. And that other projects will blossom.


* * * * *


Our long-term vision is to have a site where people offer/request towels. In fact, we’d like to launch a worldwide movement.

Your every act counts!



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