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The association Chasseurs de Nuits, created at the end of 2016 is an association of general interest, wishing to open the gates of the sky and give to see the night through various media.

A true think tank, we develop multiple projects, around photography, music, literature and many other forms of art and expression!


We highlight three fundamental principles:

⭐ diffusion and valorization of knowledge and know-how around the arts of the night;

⭐ equality of opportunity: we are all entitled to a quality education, whatever our origins, our sex, our social and cultural environment ...;

⭐ participation of all: exchange of artistic, scientific or technical proposals, diffusion of the works proposed, setting up of meetings, conferences, exchanges between different generations ...

Created less than a year ago, the association has already successfully implemented several projects:

⭐ an exhibition, Terra Pesquet, gathering photos taken from the International Space Station by Thomas Pesquet. This exhibition participates in various events, such as the Week of the Ocean, in Metz, the Week of Biodiversity in Woippy, ... We chose thirty images related to water. A series of videos made by the astronauts of the International Space Station accompanies this event.

⭐ a retrospective of the four editions of the Photo NightScape Awards, international photo award of nocturnal landscapes, during the Agora of Bordeaux in September. The 100 winners of the four editions were exhibited at the former Submarine Base. The 2017 award ceremony was held on September 22, in the presence of Elizabeth Touton, Deputy Mayor in charge of Urban Planning and Mr Fabien Robert, Deputy Mayor in charge of Culture and Heritage. More than 1,000 people attended the event.

⭐ and of course the Festival NightScapades, which takes its first steps in Montier-en-Der, on the sidelines of the Festival of Animal and Nature Photos from 16 to 19 November 2017, before asserting itself during its first edition in Lourdes and in the Valleys des Gaves, 31 May, 1-2-3 June 2018.




The festival


NightScapades, a contraction of the English words 'Nightscape' - nocturnal landscape - and 'escapade', is the first international festival around astronomical iconography, night scenery and astrophotography in France. Associated with cultural and educational activities, it is an invitation to travel, to discover the night and the starry skies. The city of Lourdes and the Pays de Lourdes et des Vallées des Gaves have supported us since the beginning of this adventure which wants to give access to all works and documents of quality.




A program chosen with passion by Franck Séguin


Former editor-in-chief photo for Ciel & Espace, Franck Séguin claims the pluridisciplinarity of the event. With this in mind, he chose to present for the first edition:

⭐ photographers such as Alan Knox, Juliette Agnel, Luc Perrot, Christophe Cieslar, in the style of the night landscape, but also artists from deep skies such as Rogelio Bernal Andreo and Johannes Schedler.

⭐ artists like Max Ernst, Manchu, and young graffiti artists.

⭐ virtual reality travel and video games.

⭐ the work carried out by schoolchildren and students upstream from the festival.

⭐ films such as Georges Melliés' Journey to the Moon, Christopher Nolan's Interstellar ...

⭐ open-air concerts and movie theaters such as 2001, Stanley Kubrick's Space Odyssey

⭐ an (G)astronomical meal as if you were Thomas Pesquet (or Tim Peak) in the ISS!

⭐ and lots of other meetings with professionals and enthusiasts.

Who are we

Chasseurs de Nuits' board is composed of a president, Emmanuel Delort, and a treasurer, Ingrid Janssen, both of whom are involved in a totally voluntary manner.

The team that works daily to make you rediscover the night is composed of:

⭐ Franck Séguin, director and architect of events. Former photo editor at Ciel & Espace.

⭐ Nathalie Sarles, management consultant for cultural activities.

⭐ Jessica C. Garreau, community manager and project manager.

Dscf4417-1507188827 From left to right: Jessica, Franck and Nathalie

We need you !



Waar dient de collecte voor

All the proceeds from the collection will go to Chasseurs de Nuits and is part of the overall funding of the festival, consisting of grants, consular and civil society grants, partnerships with companies and a small part of ticketing (most of the actions are free and the ticketing will be diversified).




The total budget of the festival is close to € 165,000. It is broken down as follows:




If we get € 15,000

⭐ 20% of the financing of the printings for the exhibitions - 6 000 €

⭐ 50% of the cinema-concert funding - € 5,000

⭐ participation in the costs of printing the catalog of the festival - 1 500 €

⭐ expenses for the invited artists (travel, accommodation and catering costs) - € 1,500

⭐ counterparty financing - € 1,000


If we get € 20,000

⭐ 25% of the financing of the printings for the exhibitions - € 7,500

⭐ 60% of the cinema-concert funding - € 6,000

⭐ participation in the printing costs of the festival catalog - 2 000 €

⭐ expenses for the invited artists (travel, accommodation and catering costs) - € 3,000 

⭐ financing of counterparties - € 1,500


If we get more than € 20,000 Depending on the amount, we may consider remunerating the members of the team who work daily to carry out this project.


Tax receipts


Tax receipts can be sent to foreigners paying taxes in France. For taxable persons outside the French tax rules zone, we can study agreements of tax exemption between Nations, for those who request it.


Be an active partner for a culture of citizenship!



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