Nikolov-Ivanovic Undectet feat. Magic Malik - Frame and Curiosity

Support the release of the new album by Vladimir Nikolov and Srdjan Ivanovic: Frame and Curiosity by the Nikolov-Ivanovic Undectet

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Nikolov-Ivanovic Undectet feat. Magic Malik - Frame and Curiosity

The Nikolov - Ivanovic Undectet is an 11 piece band lead by arranger, pianist and guitarist Vladimir Nikolov and drummer Srdjan Ivanovic. Friends from their music conservatory days, the duo had worked together in the past in bands and on film music and finally in 2017, came up with the idea of a band they could lead together that would be big enough for the arranger to be able to express many different colours and small enough to allow for the interplay of a small band. From that the Undectet was born, a band consisting of an atypical instrumentation: The French horn, trumpet, tuba, trombone brass section, an alto, tenor, baritone saxophone section, a piano, bass, drums rhythm section and the accordion, in between those. The colours are even more versatile when the saxophone section changes to a woodwind one (flute, clarinet, bass clarinet). 

After their first album, Artistry In Broken Rhythm, the Undectet has begun work on a new project, entitled Frame and Curiosity. The focus of this project is space as a term, and especially as a music event. Wise arrangement and open rhythms create a framework in a space that opens up new possibilities, encourages curiosity and free expression. A surprising addition came in the form of flutist Malik Mezzadri, known as Magic Malik, initially only invited as a guest for their performance at the Belgrade Jazz Festival this October but upon a realising the musical fit of Malik’s playing and sound with the Undectet, he became an important factor in the new album’s sound.

Some of the reviews recently about that performance and the music on this album were:

"a pan-European group of improvising musicians in 10 rhythmically complex, harmonically evocative compositions, all impeccably arranged. In these, they might reference Balkan tunes, rock, hip-hop, classical music or traditional jazz—without settling on any one thing." 

Downbeat (USA)

"subtle touches of color and texture in his charts reminiscent of Gil Evans and Maria Schneider. Like them, Nikolov is inspired by the stirring sonorities of French horn, tuba, and accordion. But he blends Balkan metrical and tonal elements into his mix, and they introduce their own exotic aura. The Undectet has a new album, their second, Frame and Curiosity. This project should claim a place for Serbia among the most creative current large jazz ensembles in Europe."

JazzTimes (USA)



On our last concert on March 7th in Belgrade, Serbia, we promoted a few new pieces that were conceptualised in a different manner than before. We introduced more space for different soloists, collective improvisation, and some very subtle electronic support. This resulted in a blasting energetic performance that inspired us to continue further in the same direction. In the months that followed, we wrote new pieces, arrangements and decided to go for a second album. - Vladimir Nikolov

In a sprout of enthusiasm the music was completed, rehearsals were organised with Serbian musicians along with musicians from France and Bulgaria and Germany meeting in Serbia and the album was recorded on the 9th and 10th of July this year. Further production (editing, mixing, mastering) was done during the summer and fall and the album is now ready to be released on the Coolabel, the label of the European creative musicians’ association Le Coolectif, based in Paris. A result of enthusiasm and creativity, the Undectet now needs your help to co-finance and release Frame and Curiosity


1. L’Étranger

2. Timbre and Prayer

3. Komšija    

4. Across the Threshold

5. Anonymous   

6. Carefree

7. Long Ago (Intro)

8. Far Away

9. Sade Sati

10. Memories    

11. One More Day    


Recorded by Milan Prokop at Future Nature Sound Studio in Pančevo, Serbia on July 10-11, 2019

Mixed by Saša Janković at Strip Studio in Belgrade, Serbia

Mastered by Emil Spányi at Studio LDF Mastering in Lausanne, Switzerland

Photos by Ilija Pejoski

Artwork by Marko Nikolov, graphic design by Vladimir Nikolov 

Handwriting by Luka Simon

Produced by Srđan Ivanović and Vladimir Nikolov


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Waar dient de collecte voor

The Undectet consists of some of the best musicians from Serbia, trumpetist Marko Đorđević, hornist Teodor Blagojević, trombonist Vladimir Vereš, tubist Miloš Budimirov, sax players Luka Ignjatović, Kristijan Mlačak and Đorđe Kujundžić along with French accordionist Noé Clerc. The Bulgarian bassist Mihail Ivanov, a long-time musical companion of both Srdjan and Vladimir completes the line-up.

The exceptional arranging of Vladimir has been solicited by the world renowned Metropole Orchestra as well as many other orchestras and ensembles and productions and he has received numerous awards for his writing. The Undectet is his first personal project together with drummer Srdjan Ivanovic a highly solicited composer and leader of groups that have performed all over the world and that have won awards and competitions. The Undectet also was among the winners of the Made in New York jazz competition, presented by Lenny White, Mike Stern and Randy Brecker.

Production budget:

Travel costs and lodging : €1000

Recording studio including engineer: €950 euros 

Mix and mastering: €1100

Musician fees: €1500

CD printing (including SDRM mechanical author rights): €1300 

Postage (for the rewards) : €200

Kisskissbankbank fee and bank transaction costs (8%): €400 

We are honored to have the financial help of SOKOJ (composers and author’s agency in Serbia) to the amount of €1270.

By participating you are not only helping us release this album and bring this music to an international stage but also helping and inspiring us to keep creating music that will defies commercial expectations, in a time for music where recorded music has been undervalued.

Streaming in particular and other forms of free music listening bring almost nothing to the artists and by supporting you are empowering the musicians to keep creating. And besides other rewards you get to hear the music first, directly coming from the artists.  

If we surpass our goal, we'll dedicate the extra funds to help pay for promotion of the album, fingers crossed!

If we don't reach our goal, we lose it all !

Thank you in advance for your support!

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