We want to release great rock music with the help of a great music studio. Listen to When life rises with the sun, our first release, will give you an idea of the great songs we have. Thanks for all!


Het project van A tot Z

Hey, we are Nec Pluribus Impar. After recording When life rises with the sun (our first EP), we want to record our new album. We wanna rock with you and if you wanna rock with us, you can play When life rises with the sun on all musical website (spotify, deezer, amazon, virgin...). Hope listening will convince you w want to have the one and the best rock music.

Hier dient het geld voor...

To pay 7 days for recording and mixing music in studio (we have contact with a studio with prices).

2005- Création du groupe 2006- Sortie de la démo "The dawn" 2009- Sortie du premier album "When life rises with the sun" 2013: Sortie du deuxième album