Nouvel Envol ! Gagnez le golden ticket "Tony Robbins 2020" !


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Nouvel Envol ! Gagnez le golden ticket "Tony Robbins 2020" !

I'm starting a new activity as NLP and hypnosis therapist and i need your support to invest in training and furniture for my office so i can work and help people in good condition.

For 2000 € i'll be able to start in good conditions.

And if my collect is a great success for more than 3000 € all 25 € contributions will be able to win a golden ticket for 2020 Tony Robbins seminar ! and if you feel we can share values, we'll come there together ! ;)

I'll put all the name of participants on a paper, in a hat and do the draw online to pick the winner ! tickets will be send only next septembre though.

Of course same as  a lottery, you can participate how many times you want as long as each time it's a 25 € participation (so i can easily see you paid 2 ticket for exemple and not one 50 € participation and so you'll have your name on as many paper as you participated !)

And for those who won't win, your contribution will help someone in need to follow a therapy with me ;)


Waar dient de collecte voor

All the 2000 € will help me to pay my trainings and furnitures

From 2001 € to more than 3000 € it'll go to pay YOUR Tony Robbins Golden ticket ;)

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