NUNGAN: Enregistrement du nouvel Album !

Hi Everyone ! With your help, we are hoping to record an EP and make a new Video CLIP ! Thank u for participating in this new project* Love

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ZIMBALAM ondersteunt het project: NUNGAN: Enregistrement du nouvel Album !

NUNGAN: Enregistrement du nouvel Album !

Hi everyone !


It s been 6 years now since we started this beautiful Musical Adventure ! Our duet NUNGAN was born when we both magically met in St Barts. Music allowed us to meet beautiful people and create our own Magic Team ! We have been working together with our team since the very beginning. We grew up together and played Live for more than hundreds gigs between Paris, St Barts and New York. 

In 2010, we had this incredible opportunity to go and record our very first album "The Moon and The Star" in Lamu, Kenya thanks to 'Boubou", our first Believer !! (This album hasn't been promoted .)


Through the years, our musical style has evaluated a lot, we wrote more than 30 original songs. 




This EP will be called "Soldier" . We chose 6 tracks which really show the different colors of our new musical style, between POP and Rock 70's.

Please discover one of our original song "MOTHER"



This EP will allow us to go on, play live, make a tour, play on festivals and increase our chances to be signed !!


and yes, we also need to make a Video Clip, which is more than necessary nowadays !!! :-)


Participating in the funding of this EP and video Clip would be the best gift ever for us, and also a beautiful way for you to be part of this new adventure !

Don't hesitate to contribute to this campaign in sharing it with your friends on Facebook, twitter, by mail.. 


please stay in touch , we'll keep u posted on

- our Facebook Page  Facebook NUNGAN

- have a look on our official Website  for more infos, music, pics, videos.


Let's do it TOGETHER !

A huge Thank u







Peace LUV Music *   Nungan







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All the Funds will allow us to go through the different steps of Recording, Promoting and Making the Video Clip:



> Studio Recording 1500 euros

> Mix & Mastering  1500 euros

> CDs Duplication 1500 euros

> Cover Artwork 500 euros

> Musicians  1000 euros

> Promoters  3000 euros

> Video Clip 1500 euros ***


If by any chance we surpass the goal, WAOOOOOOW !! This will help us developing our project even more ( more promotion, more CDs, renting stage and making a CD release Show !!! and more..)

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For the Musicians !!! You will receive Benji's first Lap Steel ! A "FENDER FS 52" with its beautiful Case. It is very precious to him .
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