The realisation of a climbing video in the multipitchroute “Orbayu” (500m,8c,Spain). The idea is to share our passion and love for climbing.

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Nina Caprez and I – Cédric Lachat - are passionate climbers. A passion we share, that pushed us to become professionals. We travel around the world in search of walls and cliffs of exception. Our choice of destinations always result of a mixture of passion, beauty and difficulty.


Orbayu is a large limestone tooth of 500 meters, which rises above the natural park of Picos de Europa in Spain. This huge wall is among the most beautiful in the world. It is a limestone massif overlooking the sea at an altitude of 2000 meters.






Orbayu is a mixture of extreme difficulty (8c) in a style that we can describe as Alpine, which means that it is up to us to put most of the protections for the ascent. This route is both committed and difficult. The major problem with this type of wall, comparable to high altitude Alpine peaks, lies in the fact that weather changes are very fast: rain, low temperatures, wind, etc... The ascent of such walls demand unusual experience.




As in our previous projects, the goal is to chain and free all lengths and shoot a film. The idea is not only to share this wonderful experience and life that such a project involves on a daily basis, but also to account for all the investment it represents from the beginning of the project until the fulfillment of the route. The idea of the film is to transmit the emotions and the reality, in few words: the conditions incurred in this wall. Joy, fear, danger, but also the beauty of climbing in Orbayu. This is about the content we would like to share with our public.


The technical aspects


We will be on location for the first time in early June for a period of about two weeks and again in late July for a period of two to three weeks. The plans depend on the weather conditions and the difficulty to string the way.

During the first stage, Julien Nadiras (our camera operator for Silbergeier) will accompany us. A drone will be with us for a few days. The first realization team will follow for the preparation related to the preparation work on the track.

During the second session, Julien Nadiras and Diego Defilla will be our core team of camera operators. The realization and production of our film will be in the hand of the film director Fulvio Mariani, who directed the first climbing film on Cerro Torre - the famous "Cumbre". Fulvio is very experienced in this kind of shooting and realizations. We are lucky to have this world-renowned cinematographer to our side, for a few days on the wall to lead his team, and making the film.


Example from our last video:



Waar dient de collecte voor

Our various sponsors cover part of the budget of the film, as well as the production company Iceberg of Fulvio Mariani.

The other part of the budget, yet missing, is to be understand as "the donations" will cover the costs of a camera operator, as well of a pilot and his drone (mini helicopter) and, secondly, to cover the various related costs of filming on location.




Barakaflims box contains the following films: Tuzgle, Ganesh, Petzl RocTrip China, Silbergeier, Rockin'Cuba and Petzl RocTrip Argentina.




Trailer ici: https://www.youtube.com/user/barakafilms38?feature=watch


** Caving workshop will be organized, leaded and insured by Cedric state certified French Speleological   Patent. Define: place, date and number of people, well in advance.


** Ropes manipulation workshop will be supervised and insured by Cedric: date and place have to be defined well in advance.


*** The multi pitch route day will be organized in details and leaded, but not insured by Cedric. The donators (or clients) will have to subscribe a rescue insurance as provided by REGA, CAF, etc. (Approx. price 40 euro): date and place have to be defined well in advance.


Our counterparties are first and foremost as to be considered as a donation or a sponsorship to support our project and not as an exchange of service or benefit paid. Our rewards offered from 700 euros onward have to be set well in advance, dates can be postponed due to the weather conditions or other various contingencies.


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