A desire to live differently which increases and increases. A great passion muted. And a click : travel and photography !

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 Have you ever dreamt  leaving everything behind? Commute, work, sleep? All this reassuring routine that shuts up your deepest desires ? Our childhood dreams, our unexpressed passions, our hidden talents….


Imagine  a photographic lens, close your eyes for a moment, imagine yourself new, yourself, progressing at your own rhythm in a life environment that suits you, being able to finally do your unfulfilled hobbies…. You shoot !  Are you there ? Can you see ?  


It took me 35 years to shoot the picture of my current happiness !  


In and old black and White  negative, my before life: urban and sedentary.

Today, in my eyes, in my reflex sensor, in its little screen, on the web, on glazed paper, on those vital Polaraid garlands, appears my newly colored life: I’m a long distance traveler, a nomad in the heart of nature and human kindness, on South america’s roads, in the middle of ancestral traditions and shimmering flowers.


I am now a free lance photographer.


I’ve been passionate about flowers’ macrophotography and graffiti’s’ since my first shooting in Argentina. Two opposites which form our world and keeps on fascinating me !


And thanks to travelling, I took my first real pictures of men and women. It is life which flows through them, which unites and connects them to the essential, traditional and modern dances, Native American mourning ceremony, Quechua ceremony to honor our mother Earth “La Pachamama” !  


Pachamama is the title of my campaign. Everything has come full circle. The painting is achieved. The only thing missing to pursue my dreams; postcards, shows, photojournalism, is all my photographic material. I  was recently robbed in  Peru. This is why I’m reaching out to you today.


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Professional web site :


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Waar dient de collecte voor

Purchase of stolen photografic material


Body Nikon D610 Format FX : 1200 €

Lens Nikkor 24-85 mm, f/3.5 - 4.5, AF-S FX VR (photojournalism) : 300 €

Lens Nikkor 50 mm f/1.8, AF-S FX (portrait) : 120 €

Lens Nikkor 105 mm f/2.8 AF-S FX VR (macrophotography) : 320 €

Portable laptop(stock and retouching) : 260 €  


Why all this material ?


The body : I used to shoot with a DX body. A FX body, a “full format” is an access to professional quality image that I can now aim for.  


The zoom lens : enables me to be at ease while doing photojournalism, because it enables the people I shoot to be natural during the intimate and sacred moments.    


The two focal lens : I’m purchasing the same ones because I was totally satisfied by those two lenses used to do portrait and macrophotography  


The prices ?


I will search the web for the cheapest material as possible. I will look for privately owned reconditioned or second hand material. It does not diminish the quality of the material and respects an ethic which is important to me.  


?! Counting up ?


The listed material has a value of 2200€. I do not count the intermediary and third parties commission for the Kisskissbankbank raising(176€). My fund raising campaign will be for an amount of 2000€.  


Why ?


I have chosen to live a life made of exchanges, sharing and solidarity.  


To me, to show you here my artistic project and ask for a participative funding does not mean I am looking for a total funding, a gift from you, even though Christmas is just around the corner and I’m still a big child.  


To me, asking for a participative founding is asking for your generosity while I respect it.


I will also  work to “Make money” on my side to be able to buy this material.  


And if after all, the amount is overpassed, thank you ! But the ball is in your court….









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