A piece of France in a box. Help us to invest in a marketing campaign.

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Once upon a time, a Chinese tourist bought in Paris a snow dome souvenir with the Eiffel Tower made in China…oh…no…once upon a time a Chinese tourist bought a snow dome with the Eiffel Tower 100% made in France…how surprised we are in front of this situation, then we have decided to develop a new offer of souvenir and gifts 100% made in France !




Petits Trésors de France is a new concept offering an exclusive assortment of French products, a new service of conception and delivery of one-of-a-kind box for the tourist industry, a tailored service with the creation of your own signature gift box.



                                              Only treasures in our boxes !



We are willing to spotlight this connecting thread whick links our expertise to the anecdotes of French history. Our boxes are about French culture, heritage, art de vivre and crafts.



Offering you a high quality product is a major priority for us. This is why all the products selected in our boxes are made in France by renowned houses and craftsmen.





Waar dient de collecte voor




The Forever France company will collect all the funds.

We have invested our savings for the start-up company , with a 12K euros shareholder's equity. This amount allowed :



- the company registration



- the creation of our logo and our website



- the first order of boxes, packages and products



- the first shooting 



Today, we need to support new investments, especially a marketing plan with communication purposes in order to give a stronger visibility to Petits Trésors de France on the market.




We applied for a bank loan with 5 different banks but it represents a real obstacle can get one only for equipments when you are a start-up. This is something we do not need for the moment as we try to reduce all expenses by doing home-working with our personal equipment.



We are making every effort to develop our business, we still have a lot of new inspirations we would like to work on and we remain fully committed to highlight our French heritage together with the made in France. 



Today, we really need your backing to carry on with this amazing adventure.



If we succeed to our 6000€ objective, we will start working on this marketing plan.



Your contribution will be used for advertising and communication purposes :















- exhibit our brand and collection in a fair : MIF (Made in France fair) and/or Omyague (BtoB trade fair dedicated to high-end corporate gifts) for a total amount of 3000€









- improvement of our website (creation of a press section, creation of a tailored section "do your own box") for a total amount of 1000€



- advertising : renewing of our contract with + creation of a new flyer for a total amount of 1000€












- shooting with new brand visuals and pack shots for a total amount of 1000€




- Website : January/February 2018


- : January 2018 (subscription for 2018).


- Shooting : February 2018-April 2018


- New flyer : March 2018


- Omyague exhibition : September 2018


- MIF exhibition : November 2018.



This is a crazy adventure and we will be so happy and grateful to share it with you. 


We are looking forward to introduce more and more Petits Trésors de France to people and without your help it will be impossible.


Because each of our backers is unique !


Because we want to thank you all with a special attention if we reach our stretch goal !


You will receive our attractive treasures...our nice gifts...our exclusive box made only for KissKissBankBank.



These gifts at a preferential price only for you will be highly appreciated during the Holiday period. We are committed to do our best to deliver your gifts before December, 25th (except unpredictable delay due to transportation).



We wil be grateful for your interest and your input in our project.


The more funds we will receive, the easier it will be to invest in new projects and we could work on new challenges (new stories in our collection, bag with our logo, personalization of items only for Petits Trésors de France...).


All your remarks will be taken into consideration, thus fell free to send us your opinion and advices.




Thanks a lot,


Celine & Maud200px-smiley-1509360633



                                       SUMMARY OF CONTRIBUTIONS



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