Piano Sonata "Appassionata" : retrouvailles avec le grand Romantisme

Support the world premiere at the Salle Cortot and the video recording of the Piano Sonata "Appassionata" !

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Centre de musique de chambre de Paris ondersteunt het project: Piano Sonata "Appassionata" : retrouvailles avec le grand Romantisme

Piano Sonata "Appassionata" : retrouvailles avec le grand Romantisme

The Piano Sonata No. 2 « Appassionata » is a work by young composer Corentin Boissier. Thanks to your support, it will be premiered at the Salle Cortot by a professional pianist, during one of the Freshly Composed concerts organized by the Centre de Musique de Chambre de Paris.


Corentin Boissier, aged 21, passed his DEMs (Diplomas of Musical Studies) of Écriture and Orchestration, with high honors. He is currently studying for the Master d’Écriture (France’s most demanding musical exam) at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris.







Furthermore Corentin Boissier runs on YouTube the four cultural musical channels collectionCBcollectionCB2collectionCB3 & collectionCB4 which have presented so far more than 2 000 tonal orchestral works of the XXth and XXIst centuries little known by the general public.






He also uploaded on the web an « Ideal "Discotheque" of more than 1, 600 orchestral works of feelings ». The American music critic Walter Simmons agreed to be the dedicatee.


But, first of all, Corentin Boissier uploaded on YouTube and on his website several of his own compositions, especially the Glamour Concerto, version for solo piano which has been premiered by French concert pianist Thierry Châtelain :





And the Romantic Young Ladies, performed by Italian concert pianist Annarita Santagada :





The Adventure begins…


At the start of the XXIst century, Corentin Boissier, with his Piano Sonata No. 2 « Appassionata », wanted to capture the flamboyant spirit of early XXth century post-romanticism.


Nowadays, as feelings are often neglected in contemporary music, Corentin Boissier chose a post-romantic musical style that gives the listener intense and sensual feelings.




…But a professional pianist as well as a good audio quality and video recording are essential to allow the listener to closely live this experience to the fullest.


Kisskissbankers, it's your turn to play !


That’s why the Sonata « Appassionata », a-25-minute-long work, now requires the support of all the adventurers of the art world who are called the Kisskissbankers.





Waar dient de collecte voor

With your support it will be possible to pay a concert pianist.


For the video, a studio, a sound engineer and a videographer are also needed :


The concert pianist : €800

The studio with sound engineer : €300

The videographer : €350


Finally €100 to pay for the incidental expenses.


Total Budget : €1550


If your generosity allows the fundraising to exceed 1550 euros, the supplement will pay the work of the composer :-)


Provisional timetable for the implementation of the budget :


February/March 2017 :

- First quarter of the payment of the pianist (€200).


September/October 2017 :

- Recording of the Piano Sonata "Appassionata" (€300).

- Second quarter of the payment of the pianist (€200).


November/December 2017 :

- Realisation of the video (€350).

- Third quarter of the payment of the pianist (€200).


Between january and march 2018 :

- World Premiere of the Piano Sonata "Appassionata" at the Salle Cortot, Paris.

- Last quarter of the payment of the pianist (€200).

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