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Pli is a yearly Architecture and Publishing publication. And we need your support!

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Pli, la revue



Pli is a new magazine where Architecture and Publishing collide. Printed annually and always reachable online, Pli aims to be the place where architecture pits against publishing as well as where architecture and publishing complete each other. Indeed, it is very common for architects, urbanists and landscapers to rub shoulders with editors, booksellers and authors. Today, all these fields tend to study, work and live side by side. Pli acknowledge that observation and provide a new space for ideas and creativity.


Desperately in love with printed publishing, we want to raise the magazine to one of a kind object, valuable and collectible. Using different types of paper (with different  paperweights), different types of impressions techniques, strong colors, a unique format and original processes, Pli will be bold in its contents as well as in its form.




Christopher is the project starter. During his studies at the ENSA Versailles (France), he paid attention to the links between architecture and publishing through the writing of his final essay. This became the issue number 0 of Pli. To go deeper on the subject, he decides to create Pli. The publication was born. The team gets completed with Jean-Baptiste (graphic design), Marion (production), Zoé (redaction) and Adrien (communication).






The young publication is growing up thanks to the meetings and discussions with people from several fields : graphic design, photography, drawing, landscape building... A call to help is launched on the internet and reaches a lot of people, exporting the project out of France, especially the UK, Chile and Canada. Decision is made to translate the publication.







In this first issue, our departure postulate is the HYPERTEXT principle. How it becomes the link between our two pillars : Architecture and Publishing, threw lots of creation areas : drawing, graphic design, philosophy, art, cinema…


Literally, the hypertext principle is used to connect several key words on the internet (by clicking on them). In a wider way, it’s the fact to easily get trough a concept/an idea from another one (or from one document to one another). To be more clear, in this first issue, it can be the link between Architecture and some other fields and how this link can create something new.To conclude, creating hypertext (hypertextuality) is simply connecting.   


Each contribution is a subject of discussion between the team and the author. The contributors are completely involved in the project and a true part of Pli development.


Created this year, the issue #1 is scheduled for the 24th of September.

Waar dient de collecte voor

We need your help through this KissKissBankBank in a way to keep our independence, our human size and also to preserve our first ambitions.


Thanks to the crowd funding, Pli could be printed :


- a size of 16x24cm

- two types of printing (screen printing for the cover, risography for the content) 

- inserted drawings

- 164 pages

- bicolore printing (N&B & blue pantone)  


Circulation : France (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon), UK (London), Canada (Montréal) and Chile (Santiago). An online shop will complete this.


Rewards : post cards illustrated by designers, screen printed and numbered posters, tote bags, etc


Goals :


=> With 4500 € collected, Pli will be able to print 500 issues.

=> With 5500 € collected, Pli would be printed in more issues, would be able to run a big launching party to warmly thanks all the people part of the project.


Marion, Zoé, Adrien, Jean-Baptiste et Christopher thank you again for your help! We need YOU!

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THANKS THANKS THANKS! You have our eternal gratefulness! previous rewards + your name in the Grand Contributors list + a subscription for life to Pli
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