Plus de bière Ibex pour tous - More Ibex beer for everyone!

More IBEX beer for everyone!

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Plus de bière Ibex pour tous - More Ibex beer for everyone!




Ibex beer have been happily and successfully supplying beer to Morzine and the wider Haute Savoie in the French Alps for 4 years - we are a small team with a passion for delicious, easy drinking beer.








But... we have become a victim of our own success and in order to keep delivering to our growing customer base, weneed to brew more beer! 

We currently have 2 fermentation tanks, each with a capactiy of 2000 litres - we can currently brew 8000 litres a month.

With one more fermenter we can brew an additional 4000 litres of beer a month, this will increase capacity by 50%, meaning we can supply more bars, bottle shops and restaurants as well as start to expand out into the wider world.

With 2 more fermenters we would double production and increase our current capacity by 100% - we are planning on purchasing the second fermenter to have in place by next winter.

Having this extra capacity means that we won't be rushing to get beer out - it will give us more time and the beer will be better for it!





We want to launch our beer ranges across France, mainland Europe and the UK. 

In our Classic range we have four beers which are popular go to beers for our regular clients, these are available all year round all of the time.

Cabin Fever 5%- IPA

Salut Kiki 3.4% - Blonde session ale

Super Citra 4% - APA

Le Dahu 4% - English bitter





We also have 4 delicious seasonal beers which we brew regularly throughout the year.

Rocket Fuel 5.8% (NEIPA, a hazy, juicy fruit bomb!)

Hello Coco 4.5% (Stout with chocolate, cherry et coconut),

Loopy Juice 6% (a Pale Ale with mango and passion fruit)

Kodiak Helles 4.4% (our super easy drinking Lager)





And then we have our special one off beers which we develop and brew when the mood takes us - These can be anything from a traditional Altbier to a Sour beer brewed with raspberry or a double IPA with carzy hopping levels!


Waar dient de collecte voor

We would like your help to purchase one additional fermenter.






€8000 would cover these costs.

€6500 will pay for the fermenter - once the money has landed we can order and it should be installed within 8 weeks of order - so all being well we will have the fermenter installed in August!

€800 will go towards shipping/import and freight charges

8% of the total - €640 is the cost to Kisskissbankbank

If we exceed our €8000 this will be put towards the second fermenter which we will purchase in the autumn of 2018.

All funds will be received by the company Microbrasserie Ibex

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